Thursday, 31 July 2014

Explain To Me Why Firefly Isn't On And This Is

In a world of fear, death and prejudice one man makes a stand and signs off on Facebook and automatically feels better and so he watches shite TV shows instead.

Under the dome is based on a Stephen King book ... aye that is a giveaway that it's crap. Here are what Mr King's books are like. The beginning: person with hidden talent in a strange place, a mystery unravels. The middle: so slow you could sleep to it as you realise that you don't care what happens to these people. The end part: like a blowjob, happens really fast and leaves a bad taste in yer mouth.

An invisible energy dome comes down over the small town of Chester's Mill in Maine of course, it slices a cow in half as well as buildings. Nothing can go in or out including communication. The outside world is stumped, the Americans, being Americans bomb it and nothing happens.

 The dome made you sick and I'm keeping you here chained up until yer better.

Inside the people of Chester's Mill all have secrets like murder and a drug operation run by the local council and town vicar.
The town's head councilor Big Jim keeps grabbing his shotgun to solve problems while his nutty son Junior chains his ex gurlfriend up in their old bomb bunker.

 Lots of looking up in amazement at the dome. Big Jim on the right who is "big" cos he's fat.

I really mean a lot. This is the useless town Sheriff who got the job when the other one's pace maker was exploded by the dome. They really should have some kind of standard for the Sheriff's department.

Lots of mime work too.

Junior gets made into a deputy and even keeps the job after he shoots an unarmed man dead at point blank range.

One lass is like if Michelle Trachtenberg and Debra Messing had a child. I'm not sure if she is really annoying or if it's just the show. 

I don't know how many are in the dome but new characters keep popping up. Big Jim has murdered two people, his son shot another bloke dead and the guy above killed the red head chick's husband and is shagging her.  

Is the dome alive? is it intelligent? why do people think it's a good idea to put Stephen king books onto the screen? 
I'll be avoiding Facebook by watching this crap and hating myself for it. If you want decent TV then watch The Strain and The last ship. 

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