Sunday, 20 July 2014

Eastern Bloc Promise

Out of respect for what is happening in the Middle east, all my Christian shaming gurls cum from either Russia or the Ukraine.
Does it really matter which is which? You aren't going to put yer hand away in support of Ukraine, you aren't fooling anyone.
I do find them interesting to look at this week for some reason, this Ukrainian lass has a very expressive face like yer painting Moaning Lisa. 
Don't ask me what the fuck is up with her hair, I'm a bloke .... look tits! 
This one looks evil but of course she is, she's naked on my blog that qualifies as being evil right? Feast yer eyes you child loving Christians, is evil really that bad? .... at least it's legal. 
Such a lovely smile her tits have, is it the stool or the tasteful beach scene that makes her appear so full of joy?
Check out the bone structure on that, and what a great pair of eyebrows. Old Knudsen, ya did good.
Red underwear, ya guessed it she's a Russian. 
Not big with the tits this week, ah well just blame the politic tension. 
The gurl without her red underwear, what a lovely pear she has though. 

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