Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A Slice Of Bigotry

Northern Ireland's first openly ghey mayor Andrew Muir was having an anti-homophobia bash to mark the  International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Phobias are rampant in Northern Ireland but the fear or phobia of gheys is let doon by the mental health services.

It was a big deal for Muir to come out, rocks were thrown at the fellow. The DUP hide their gheyness and mutter about getting sport massages in seedy hotel rooms.   

The reason why yer a homophobe ...... lets cut through all yer excuses about religion, yer afraid of gheys because .... well you are one, look at how you dress and those big ear rings, yeah, I'm talking to the men of Norn iron who allegedly shave themselves to go faster ..... whatever that means. 

Listen to the high pitched complaining the men do on the Nolan show, the angrier they get the more high pitched they get, only weemen and small children have voices that go that high, go join the Bee Gees for fucks sake, at least until yer balls drop. 

Embrace what you are instead of hating it. Yer putting way too much thought about what they may be doing in private.

Old Knudsen is confident in his sexuality and so doesn't have to condemn others to get hard. 

Alliance councillor Andrew Muir wanted a lovely cake to cut and of course it had to be local but the local Tesco only had Batman, Spider man and Barbie cakes. 
 A happy ghey day from Klaus Barbie.


So a small local business in Newtownabbey was chosen to make the cake which probably didn't get the copyright approval but this is Northern Ireland and we take the chance that Disney or whoever aren't paying attention.

 Using slogans, songs or images without copyright, we laugh at the law.   

I've seen churches over here using Transformers and Ironman on their posters to entice young children to their "clubs" probably for brainwashing and grooming, Christians have no shame.

Ashers Baking Company is a small business which NOW describes itself as a Christian company. It seems that the name Ashers which I had assumed was the owner's name is actually Biblical, Asher was one of the 12 tribes of Israel..... no apostrophe. 

I suppose that's the tribe that ended up in Newtownabbey hence all the Israeli flags that go up around there during the 12th.
The company refused to make a cake in support of gay marriage because they don't believe in it. Another company in Bangor got the order instead.

Other cakes from Christian groups are acceptable though.

Old Knudsen believes that  businesses have the right to refuse service but not to discriminate. You don't have to support ghey marriage and deep throat chocolate eclairs, you just have to support equality cos that's what it's about. If you don't believe in ghey marriage then you just don't believe in equality.
Why are you better than other people? yer deluded you sick fucks, only Old Knudsen is superior and you know it. 

Not very Christian of you, what would Jesus say?  ... turn the other cheek and he who is without sin then cast the first stone, aye he was well into turd burgling and adulterous behaviour.

  That stone age brow has to get a mention .... WTF???? I'm just a caveman, yer flashing lights and immoral ways confuse and startle me.

Daniel McArthur aged 24 is the general manager at Ashers. The company started in 1992 and employs 62 people, it was founded by Christians, and the current directors are Christians. He says,  “That means that we run our business according to Christian values and beliefs, according to what the Bible teaches. It means for example that we don’t open on Sundays, that we trade openly and honestly with people.”

So the Bible tells you to discriminate? The Pope hates ghey marriage too so I'm seeing a recurring theme here.
I'm sure their is some rule about unleavened bread not to be made on Tuesdays before 4pm or something silly like that, that yer breaking.  Do you employ weemen ? I hope they are all virgins or married and aren't baking while on their period, do you check?

We are very similar to the Bible belt of America's deep south. This same thing has happened in Portland Oregon and in Colorado, the later was forced to undergo sensitivity training and to make monthly reports to make sure their business wasn't discriminating against anyone. 


Old Knudsen has been boycotting Ashers for years without knowing it, before it was a matter of taste as I've definitely had better but now it is a matter of not supporting their bigoted smugness. 

Why are you defined by yer religion? don't you have a personality or a character of yer own? When Old Knudsen became self aware the world and it's secrets were open to him, go travel and explore outside of yer own culture, read, think and form opinions for yerself. Does discrimination feel right to you? How would you like to be persecuted and judged for the way you live?

Is it right that a combination of eggs, flour and sugar is being used as a weapon of hate? What does an invisible entity care what you do with yer cakes or what the fags do with their genitals?

Is it right that you are so afraid of this being whom you have never seen, felt or heard but will punish you if you displease it?
You sound like yer in an abusive relationship with yer invisible friend, the first step to getting help is to admit you are in one.

Old Knudsen has many gods, he does not worship them but honours them, he is not afraid of them any more than he is afraid of a bee. They are his friends.

Do people live their lives by the Norse Eddas and use them to discriminate against others with? It is just as ridiculous to live by Christian mythology.
Do you think they had different principles and customs back then that do not apply to us? What does the Bible say about Facebook? Go read Jane Austin and see that only 100 plus years back we had a social structure that is completely alien to us now.

No, I do not think I'll be fucking a horse just because Loki did .... I'll do it cos it's fun. 

The gods are Old Knudsen's friends and his guides through life. They don't selfishly hold you to believe in them and no one else or do their bidding in fear of  divine reprisals ..... why is this? because god is one. It's humans who limit god by defining it and so they are limiting themselves to small mindedness.  

After you admit that yer in an abusive relationship you have to then admit that you know nothing and that most of yer life was shaped by others. You don't have to find yerself, you have to create yerself. A version that seems right and personal and true to you.

If it turns out that yer a bigoted arsehole then go work in a Christian bakery, there is no help for you.  

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