Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Long Hard Weekend

Another Sunday to persecute those who use their religion to abuse children, perhaps my Sunday posts will make them consider not going to church and will have them staying at home to drool over adults instead.
It's all about the reprogramming.... enjoy. 
One news article has there being more redheads in the north east of England than there are in Ireland while another tells of ginger extinction. I'd be looking for a Norse link there.
Some day there will be no white people, never mind ginger. Who the fuck is gonna be doing all the racism and bigotry in a world full of brown and high yellow?
It must be terrible to look perfect at any angle. 
Don't assume that a redhead with pale skin standing in front of lichen and rocks is Irish ... way too pretty to be Irish but represents the image that we all know. 
The importance of personal grooming can never be underestimated.
And an interesting outfit too. 
Welcome to the tail end of the post.


FirstNations said...

Holy shit...a real bush! A real, New-York-slice-of-pizza bush, just like we all had before it became uncool to look like an adult. And yeah, redheads, nice ass, ok whatever uh huh.

Old Knudsen said...

Hairy French weemen are all the rage again. The hairless young gurl look is out and the hairy yeti look is in.