Sunday, 8 June 2014

Selfie Sunday

 Old Knudsen so many offers and proposals that he mostly just ignores them. After that Nigerian scam offering to sell me a wife I've just given up trusting. Here are some of the selfies that get sent to me by my readers and other admirers.
Just normal people with normal fake boobs.
This lass from Ballymena often sends me pictures of herself standing beside some sexy sheep, aye Old Knudsen knows when someone is playing mind fucks with him. Attraction by association .... nice try lass.
Skyler here knows that I value brains as well as beauty and so wears glasses. The Nazis during WWII sent anyone who wore glasses to the concentration camps as they just assumed that they were the liberal intellectual elite types, I bet yon history lesson got ya well horny.

Is it shallow of me that I don't care what this gurl looks like? .... good.

I think someone bought the Insanity keep fit DVD's. 
If ya don't clean yer room for a selfie then the chances are that ya don't clean yer minge for a date either. Doesn't put Old Knudsen off, it adds character.

It's just not dignified when weemen beg ya for sex, maybe you'll get some enjoyment out of these pictures for it ruins the mood for Old Knudsen.
Not just from weemen, this lad wanted me to join him in a budgie smuggling caper.
How dare people like this send me pics just to give me issues about my body. I'll be back right after I do 100 sit ups. 
When yer my age yer waist is larger than yer chest measurement, that shows that yer a man and not a boy.

No wonder you look so skinny, you must have needed that.
I'll leave you with this married lass looking for a bit of rough .... don't know why she choose me.

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