Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sand Boy Makes It Big

2009 yer in a US detention camp getting water boarded and beaten when you think how will I ever get a job after this? people won't want to hire an ex-con.
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi probably thought this during his release in 2009. He said goodbye to the reservists who were guarding him and as a testament on how close he got to his captives he said, "I’ll see you guys in New York," wow, talk about winning the hearts and minds of the people.

Major Tard who was head of the detention camp said, "Our catch and release system means that we teach former terrorists to respect the west by torture and the desecration of all they hold dear, they love it and we can sleep at night knowing that the mission has been accomplished."

I don't know if he ever got to travel to New York to see his friends but if they saw him today they would no doubt feel very proud.
Going from an ex-con with nothing, Baghdadi saw a niche and filled it and became CEO of a growing concern named ISIS.
I wonder if troops think back and say, 'just to think I had this guy handcuffed to a bed with my gun at his head, I am so glad I didn't shoot him by mistake.' 

ISIS be all that you can be. 

ISIS became popular quickly mostly due to it's well targeted infomercials. Their training program is better than other groups who promise Jihad and ISIS are very well funded so expect high a level of equipment and product to meet the demands of the ever growing market place.

Baghdadi recently released a video of the 1,400 Iraqi soldiers they executed to show the world that even though the competition is fierce, ISIS is determined to be number one. First we had CIA trained Osama Bin Laden who went on to become head of Al-Qaeda and now this. The American dream is alive and well in the Middle east. Unlike the west, these guys want to win, we have a lot to learn.

Lets hope the 5 prisoners recently released from Gitmo can make just as big of a name for themselves as Baghdadi has.    


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