Thursday, 12 June 2014

Poor Hilary

Hilary Clinton said that she was "dead broke" and in debt when she and hubby Bill left the White house .... that explains the missing silver.

With homes in really nice expensive neighbourhoods, Chelsea's education and lots of legal bills things must have looked bleak for Hilary.   

Can any of you even imagine what it was like for her to roll up to the welfare office with her security detachment in a convoy of black armoured Escalades only to be told that she didn't qualify for foodstamps because she owned too many homes and cars?

She was forced to scrimp and save, using coupons where she could, managing to get the weekly shopping bill to under $25,000, her respect of the American people grew because they have had to do this for most of their lives.

Unemployment was particularly difficult for her, as well as running a home she took on the almost minimum wage job of after dinner speaker charging as little as $200, 000 for every speech and public appearance she made.
Bill was even forced to give up his sex addiction rehab treatment because his pre-existing condition wasn't covered under their new healthcare provider.

Both she and Bill have clawed their way back and now and no longer have that worried look as they frantically do math in their heads at the store checkout. 
Those salad days have not been forgotten, they still buy the less expensive brand of champagne, they only go to the spa every other day and only let the maid run their dishwasher at night when electricity rates are lower.

Just two average Americans, struggling to get by just like the rest of us. 


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