Thursday, 12 June 2014

Old Knudsen Reviews Odd Thomas

I just saw this movie that I actually liked so now I'll share my opinion with you ...cos that's what I do. The movie was called Odd Thomas and is about a lad named Odd who lives in the Callyfornia toon of Pico Mundo.
Odd lives up to his name because he's psychic and sees dead people, some of them have a message for him and want justice for their death. His actions and the things he says get labeled as odd.

Odd is played by Anton Yelchin who played Chekov in Star Trek, the understanding police chief is played by Willem Dafoe who seems to be always trying to "get some" throughout the film.

A nice surprise in the movie was Odd's feisty but very nice gurlfriend as played by Addison Timlin who has very "adorable" legs which are constantly shown off gratuitously in underwear and short shorts. She is no stranger to gratuitous as she had a part in Californication which I may very well watch now. 

In this movie Timlin rivals Sandra Bullock in her ability to be the perfect movie gurlfriend .

She takes a great selfie too .... thanks lass I'm flattered.    

Based on a book bt Dean Kootnz, Odd not only sees dead people but he also sees creatures named Bodachs who are attracted by death and evil which they feed off. No one else can see the Bodachs but if they find out that you can see them .... well they they won't be very happy about it. 

Pico Mundo is suddenly inundated with Bodachs which leads Odd to conclude that there will be a massacre of some type. 
The real life version of a Bodach that Old Knudsen knows are the spirits that are attracted to people when they are feeling depressed, they see yer vulnerability like a beacon in the dark and rush to feed on yer fear.
If you find yerself with a case of the Bodachs, the best way to get rid of them is to get angry at them and tell them to fuck off, otherwise they will add to yer doonward spiral. 

It's a fun, action packed movie with a few twists along the way.  A likeable cast who can deal with the topic of mass murder and Devil worship and make it light and enjoyable. 

Old Knudsen would watch it again and not just for the short shorts. 

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