Thursday, 26 June 2014

Old Knudsen Reviews The Day

The Day is a movie I missed made in 2011. It stars the hobbit from Lost Dominic Monaghan, and Iceman from the X-men Shawn Ashmore , not an inspiring cast you may think and the budget wasn't huge but it does the trick.
Five survivors in a post apocalyptic world. They don't say what really happened but imply that it was pretty gruesome. The whole movie is almost black and white or maybe the director didn't realise his colour saturation was on full and said, "fuck it, left it and we'll see if anyone notices." Cheaper to do CGI anyways.

 It's tense and has jump out moments and you go through a kind of love/hate thing with the main characters .... mostly hate. Shannyn Sossamon plays the ridiculously photogenic survivor Shannon who is fucking useless and I wondered all through the film where I had seen her before, some drunken one night stand?... she'd be lucky, no she was the love interest in A Knight's tale .... Angel ::clap clap::: .... Golden years. 

The surprise star was the less attractive than Shannon but the person you'd want to back you up in a bar  fight Mary from the diary with pubes like steel wool, Ashley Bell. and then there was a token black guy.

There were shootings, brutal hand to hand, torture, cannibalism and family values. Can you sit through it you pussy cos it keeps changing on you and has different levels at play?   

It got Old Knudsen's blackened dried up heart a pounding and jump started his PTSD, I slept that night sitting with me back to the wall facing the door with combat knife in me hand. Well I tried to sleep but the manager of the KFC called the police ... ya wee cunt ya.

It's not as depressing as The Road, after that one I was ready to kill meself and join Charlize Theron in Heaven. 
As usual with post apocalyptic films it is the other people who are the most scary and are the biggest threat to survival. Why would you want to survive? Well Old Knudsen would continue on out of spite but would always save his last bullet just in case. 

If you can get past the hobbit's American accent and the fact it's a Canadian movie full of guns then the rest is a piece of pish. 



FirstNations said...

Yup, I'll be renting this one. I love a good comedy! Canadians with guns surviving an, what a premise!

Old Knudsen said...

At least Canadian cannibals are polite.