Friday, 27 June 2014

Nose No Bounds

I don't like people who make fun of other people based on their appearance, the way they speak, their gender, sexual orientation or where they are from, I also don't like the Spanish and have very little love for Italians and people with a Boston accent.  I'm sure Ben Affleck will make a great Batman, "to the Bat cah!"

So when I heard this story I cried.  Ping Ling had a motorcycle accident that took off his nose. He lived nose-less for years as his prosthetic nose kept falling into his noodles. He'd meet girls on the Internet looking for love but who could love a nose-less person? He'd just come out and tell them, "before I waste any more of yer time I just want to tell you that I have no nose" the usual response was "How do you smell?"

Yeah, real funny after the 50th time. Ping Ling would like nothing better than to tell them how he smelled but he hasn't a nose.
So he saved all his money prepared to have his nose rebuilt. His plastic surgeon who loved the no nose joke decided to grow a new nose on Ling's forehead for extra comedy value, Ling didn't care as he had years of being the punchline, everyone picked on him.

Speaking of picking, to stop Ling from picking his nose and so that boogers wouldn't drip into his eyes the nose was turned upside down. It was a great place to store pens in and Ling would do whale impressions for his nephews and nieces.

In 2012 during the really heavy down pours that flooded vast parts of south east Asia, Ling was walking home from his work at the sunglasses factory when he was caught out in a heavy rain and drown because of his new nose.

His need to be accepted killed him. His family who had enjoyed many years of nose taunts erected his grave marker, "It's what he would have wanted" sniggered his brother Wang. The moral of this story is. You can pick yer nose, but you can't pick yer family.

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