Saturday, 7 June 2014

March Against The Racists

 Muslims aren't all terrorists and some even have a sense of humour. 

Today there was a march against racism in Belfast. The first minister Peter Robinson didn't attend as he is living the high life in France celebrating the Normandy landings. Prods do like to look sombre and think about war dead while never having served themselves, they do that a lot. 
Robinson isn't worthy to polish the boots of those who served and those who died during WWII, the majority of them would have looked at this civvie cunt and would have told him to fuck away off.

It was his comments as well as a few recent attacks on ethnics that gave the need for a march to show that we aren't all ignorant racist and sectarian bigots .... just the ones who vote and those they vote into government.  Aye Old Knudsen is still bitter as fuck at the middle classes who can't be arsed voting.

Remember what Robinson's words were, he said that while he wouldn't trust a Muslim when it came to matters of a spiritual nature he'd trust them to go doon to the shops for him.

Even Kyle Paisley, the son of Big Ian had to say wha????? as he blasted Peter and those in the DUP who didn't speak out against their leader's condescending insult and that included Kyle's brother Ian Paisley Jr.
Robinson bowed under pressure and apologised in private, then he had to bow again and apologise in public.
As for his comment, could you really trust a Muslim to bring home the bacon?

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