Saturday, 14 June 2014

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Roadside execution by ISIS

The Jihadi insurgents known as The Islamic State of Iraq in Syria (ISIS) and sometimes known as The Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant" (ISIL) are the ones to watch if yer looking for a career move. The UK has just announced a round of cuts for the armed forces so you can always go and join ISIS. 

Originally called the ISI, it was created from al-Qaeda forces against the west during the Iraq war/liberation but has grown, and moved into Syria to fight against the government of Bashar al-Asswipe.
ISIS grew from ISI and got so big and scary that Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of what is left of al-Qaeda disavowed it. To quote al-Zawahiri, "Those ISIS motherfuckers are a bad influence on my men, I don't like em."

The thing about ISIS is that they are organised, they have taken control of half of Iraq including one of it's main cities Mosul in what could be compared to a Nazi Blitzkrieg attack as it was so fast. 

They go in and kill whatever police and army are dumb enough not to have fled, they have lists of names of security forces and set up roadside checkpoints, executing anyone suspicious like the bloke in the first picture, I'm sure they aren't too worried if they get it wrong now and then. 

The Iraqi Kurds in the north are trying to keep ISIS in check and won the city of Kirkuk for now. ISIS are fighting a war on two fronts in Syria and in Iraq and seem to be doing a pretty good job, the brutality of Sharia law that they impose in any gained territory and just plain brutality for the sake of it puts enough fear into the people that no one wants to fight back. 
It isn't just the Islamists that the people need to flee from but the Iraqi government usually plan a massive bombing campaign if an area has been taken. People really do get in the way of a good war don't they?

The UK founded the state of Iraq but don't want to get involved, the US have already liberated the fuck out of it and really don't want to get involved either but of course they will but in a less public way with airstrikes and drones. Drones over Pakistan, Mali, Nigeria, Iraq ..... and everywhere in between. 
Everytime US troops set boots doon in one of those butt fuck sandy places the Islamist cause gains more followers. It is thought that ISIS has 3,000 -5,000 crazy fucks fighting for them in Iraq. 

 Iron man having retired means there is no one to save the people.

ISIS already have the towns of Dhuluiya, Ramadi and Falluja but Mosul is Iraq's second city and is home to a very worried Christian community who fear being made into martyrs, it also has Iraq's largest oil refinery that gives Baghdad most of it's energy ....... Nice strategy guys.

Gaining Mosul is a symbolic tea bagging the Iraqi government. If it wasn't for the Kurds they would have Kirkuk which is another oil town but the Kurds have their own plans for that place.



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