Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Is Obama Crazy?

White facing a black person isn't racist if he's half white. 

Recently Fox news had on a psychologist on to give her valued and expert opinion on Barack Obama. I don't know for how long she has been treating him as they didn't say .... oh what? you mean she isn't his Doctor?

Did they get some twat with a degree in Geography who calls themselves a Doctor to take a few swipes at Obama? 
It turns out that Dr Gina is qualified, going by yer website though according to the Internet so is Old Knudsen or Dr Knudsen if you like and his cock is massive and has a PhD in pleasure..... according to the Internet.

She gives her opinion on everything it seems .... do I smell some competition? You can book her to speak at yer event and you can buy her book What weemen really want.  Old Knudsen could tell you that one easily enough. Weemen want someone who understands why they need to always have plenty of toilet paper in the hoose and they want to be dominated but in a subtle way that suggests they have a free will but they don't really . Hey I'm just going by society and organized religion on that one.

She says about Obama," I am very concerned about the mental stability of this president some of his behavior seems irrational beyond that of a typical narcissistic arrogant I'm the leader of a big country and I feel tyrannical at the moment kind of attitude." 

I'm sure glad that Dr Gina (sounds like a dominatrix) isn't my doctor. I like how the typical narcissistic arrogant I'm the leader of a big country and I feel tyrannical at the moment kind of attitude is acceptable but anything else is in her words, " erratic, irrational and anti-American  not exactly what we might want to deem sane."

So if you do shit that she doesn't like or wouldn't do then yer irrational and anti-American? Is it not anti-American to say that the President is anti-American? You'd be in a gulag if you said that on Russian TV .... not about the president, ach you get the idea. When the president starts putting people into gulags (Gitmo doesn't count) then you can call him anti-American.

Just recently on BBC Radio 5 a host had someone on who was anti-fracking, the bloke was quite reasonable and told how the British government are trying to shut the fracking protesters up by making protests illegal and how they are trying to change the laws so they can frack under people's houses without their permission. The radio host Peter Allen mumbled to his co-host "I think we have a loony here" ..... was that necessary? Belittling someone instead of listening to their point of view. Who do you think you are cunt breath, me?

Excuse me if I don't just fall into line with state run radio channels or some bint on a Republican biased channel with a Republican agenda to sell.

On the Fox show their real agenda was soon shown and it wasn't the mental health of the president. "So what did Obama have to say about Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi?" .... "Not a word, despite all the signatures."

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is a US Marine who tried to cross into Mexico with 3 legally held firearms in his truck, the Mexican authorities take that shit seriously and so locked him up.

Many think that certain laws shouldn't apply to those who have served their country and think that Obama should threaten to go to war with Mexico over it and call him insane for not having done so. So along with hashtags (#dumbjarheads) they have also signed a petition to have him released, ach it makes them feel useful.
How did that petition for the US to build a Deathstar go? 

From Old Knudsen's point of view, Obama is sane. Not a very competent president but there hasn't been one of those since Clinton and he was a total wab ..... he was good with the economy and interns but wasn't hard enough on Al-Qaeda during the 90's.

Obama took office amid promises of hope and change with people thinking he was going to be great because he was black, they forgot that though he was black he was also a lawyer.
I think Obama was overwhelmed at the inability to do anything and the lack of Republican help to make changes made things worse.

The Republicans being whiny backstabbing little bitches, Obama inherited a country almost bankrupt and in two un-winnable wars that he didn't start which all turned him into the man you see today. A man who will smile and tell you what you want to hear even if he means to do the opposite. He's a survivor and will sacrifice you if he has to.

Are you sure he isn't a Republican?

In his last term as Preez, that's when presidents start to panic about their legacy and how they'll be remembered.  When Sgt Tahmooressi gets released (the last dumb Marine to do this served 4 months) and released he'll get, sure the White house might very well be there to take the credit, just like how Reagan took the credit for the release of the Iranian hostages but it was Jimmy Carter who put in all the work.

Dr Gina needs to worry about the Fox news channel more than she does with Obama as those people need a lots of medication and therapy. 


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