Sunday, 1 June 2014

Flesh Of Color

 In the spirit of radical equality I shall post pictures of adults of colour in an attempt to lure religious pedophiles away from the children in a Benetton way . I don't care what yer holy book says about molesting children .... it's wrong.
Old Knudsen does prefer large rears and he will admit admit to such. 
I know religion fucks with yer mind but making weemen cover up leads to really dull pictures especially if the only other option is as a belly dancer which is then a over played stereotype. Well these cultures who insist that weemen be covered head to toe must really respect weemen since they don't objectify them ..... right?
I do like strawberries and I can't deny, but not real ones, only artificial flavours but I do like me weemen real .... except when they are a sex doll.
My penis tells me that I'm not a racist. It also tells me other things but I can't put that in writing due to legal complications such as being arrested. 
Something for everyone. I wonder if he works out, Mr super hero Actionman/GI Joe body. Bet he's a smoothie.
Some greasy South Korean actor, do Asians get tattoos of words in English like "water" or "soul?"
A young man with tribal tattoos and wearing crosses, those missionaries get everywhere. I wonder what tribe he came from. 
I bet he has full conversations complete with chat up lines with himself. 
This lass has such an odd body shape, as if a nerd virgin did a weird science (as in the movie) and invented his perfect woman. Not that I'm complaining.
Old Knudsen has a soft (hard actually) spot for the Latina's but it's about religious pedos on their day of worship. Is this not worthy of a bit of worship? 
Now time for the 'what is he thinking?' part of the post. I'm going for 'I hope the cat left the drapes alone while I've been out, shit I forgot to water my fern.'
Dear half naked lady on the Internet, any chance of a ride? Old Knudsen may objectify the ladies (and others) but would he ever stone one to death for something trivial or for who they wanted to marry? I don't think any religion gives weemen a fair and equal go.
This nipple, vadge and cock free post was brought to you by the letters F and U and the number R. Old Knudsen don't count too good, he's not Asian for fucks sake. Remember folks, people are all the same no matter what colour they are, aye they're all cunts so hate them for being cunts, not because they are a different colour or nationality than you. Did you have a say in what DNA went into making you and where it made you? Don't be stupid and don't be haters, unless yer hating haters, which to be honest I totally hate. 


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