Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Cocked Up And Fully Loaded

Creepy nerds with assault rifles ... well I feel safe. 

Old Knudsen is a gun lover, he's a gun owner for fucks sake, a highly trained individual thanks to the British military. He can't shoot for shit but when he misses it's impressive. 

However Old Knudsen does not think that anyone should be allowed to have whatever firearm they want with no form of background check or documentation. I also think that people should require training too. 
You require training to drive a car, if you didn't you could very easily kill others or yerself, does that not sound reasonable that you should be trained and that the vehicle is documented to you in case of theft so you'll get it back or if  someone decides to crash into you then drive off wouldn't you like to be able to find them so they can pay up?

The US has loads of gun enthusiasts, while there are many responsible gun owners there are some who get worked up that Obama wants to take their guns away. These people are usually not that smart to start with and paranoid as fuck, they wouldn't pass a psych evaluation for the post office. Most of them don't hunt but need a weapon or two in case they are a victim of crime or need to die while trying to overthrow the government. 

There is this Open carry movement which walks around with firearms showing in a display of their 2nd amendment rights to bear arms. 

 In a Target store .... seriously?

Open carry Texas is one of the more vocal branches because it's Texas and they love the guns there. They go where ever they can with their guns, drawing attention to themselves and calling those who don't like it unAmerican. They love freedom of speech too until you speak out against them.

Moms Demand Action have been described by Open carry Texas as "ignorant, retarded people" and "thugs with jugs, because they want to be able to shop in a Target store without their children being near people carrying weapons.  How dare you! George Washington died on the beaches of the Delaware so fat weird blokes can carry loaded firearms doon the baby aisle of Target stores so go do the dishes or something.    

 A black guy surrounded by white men with guns.  

The staff of a Jack in the box restaurant did lock themselves in the freezer and called the cops when a load of creepy guns carrying guys walked in. Wise the fuck up, even if they were in the middle of a gun shooting spree how dare you deny them the right to a nice wee lunch, even crazed maniacs have to eat.  Ok maybe a few could afford to skip the odd meal. 

The NRA that's the National Rifle Association are tea party nutjobs, have called Open carry Texas movement weird, scary and counter-productive, you know it's bad when ...

"Using guns merely to draw attention to yourself in public not only defies common sense, it shows a lack of consideration and manners, that's not the Texas way. And that's certainly not the NRA way" 

Old Knudsen agrees, it is bad manners. To justify themselves they say it's their 2nd amendment right to bear arms the same way a flegger would say it's are kulture! they also say the police might not always be there, ach grow a pair for fucks sake, we don't allow guns, we use knives, hammers, fists, rocks and bottles whatever the occasion requires, of course this is the same nation that wears padding to play a game less violent than rugby. 

  Yep having no protective gear hasn't done us any harm. 

Remember the scene in Black hawk doon when Eric Bana is in the mess hall and he gets pulled up for having a hot weapon, he sticks his finger up and says "this is my safety?" ... very macho until it slips out of yer hands because you've hardly slept in 3 days and shoots yer friend.   Even experts like Special forces make mistakes. 

The problem I have is that the people with these weapons are all slack fucks. The magazines are on and so it's safe to assume they are loaded and that a lack of safety protocols are in use. Would you want these arseholes in the toy aisle of Target with yer kiddies? 

You certainly do not eat with a loaded rifle on a sling on yer back. If they are that slack then who knows if they are cocked with one in the chamber or not? He looks like he has one in the chamber if you know what I mean.  All it takes is a child to wander up behind that young fellow or the fat fuck tucking into his burger and the power of bam has removed someone's head.

Long rifles are very cumbersome and unwieldy to hold, what about leaning them against a wall or on the seats like a couple of pictures up?...  How stupid do you have to be? I wonder how many times those assault rifles and shotguns fell over when large American arse moved on the seat. 

You need to clear yer weapon upon entering a building, that means unload it and leave it unloaded with the safety on. A rifle should be placed on the ground unloaded while you eat, preferably beside you in plain sight but out of the way. 

It's always dickheads who don't deserve cool rifles who have them. 

The recent shootings that have killed 3 police officers in Canada and 2 in Vegas put to rest the whole, 'if you have a gun you're safe' idea, giving guns to the public is not the answer however there is no turning back as millions in North America have guns, it's not as easy to control as tiny Europe.

You can't stop shooting sprees in the US, all that can be done is damage control, there will always be guns.   

The 2nd amendment may give Americans their much needed right to bear arms, it does not give them the right to be a danger to others. It does show you how badly trained George Washington was.


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