Friday, 13 June 2014

Bigots In The Name Of God

Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lard and savior Jebus Christ? Gog will bury you, you motherfucker if you don't worship him.

Old Knudsen can understand why those of low intellect find the need for Christianity, Islam or Judaism but there are many people who seem quite intelligent who also believe too.  I could see how you could believe in a spiritual being as right and wrong have a certain feel to them but surely not a religion as the ones written doon in the dogma of the faiths I have mentioned.
Religions designed to keep you in yer place unless yer a church leader and one that has made sure that it was the men who were in charge.

The amount of people who thought that God was on their side and who is to say "he" wasn't? God gave the command to kill and destroy other nations and to take them into slavery, who knows what else he is capable of? 

Millions throughout history have been killed in God's name and if you believe anything the Bible has to say it was by his command too.   Yet people complain about Bush, Obama and Hitler. Yer God is far more bloodthirsty and manipulative than any of them so shut the fuck up.  They were only behaving the way that God would ..... Many SS officers said that they were only behaving in the way that they thought Hitler would behave in. So much easier than thinking for yourself and doing the right thing.
Like Hitler, maybe God is sleeping all day and survives on a cocktail of uppers and dooners that make him angry and irrational .... better not ask him about things, just do what you think he'd do. 
Maybe I shouldn't say anything, I'm a man for fucks sake it's in my best interest to follow the Bible. If people worshiped their imaginary friends without trying to lord it over others then Old Knudsen would not have to do posts pointing out what cunts they are. As it is, people have decided that their brand of religion is the right one and so everyone must follow it's laws.  The Bible is often cited as the reason for laws to be followed.

You must do this because we think that God is as bigoted as us because we have found the best verse ever .... even though two other verses contradict it but still, we like this one so there.

The radical fundamentalists of Islam are well into stoning women to death for supposed crimes (never the men) while those of the civilised west use guilt and shame tactics instead. "You slut with your abortion on demand we'll make it as difficult as possible for you to have an abortion since yer just a second class citizen anyway."

It's all just different levels of punishment for the same bigotry.

The more I hear a supposed Christian, Muslim or Jew speak, the more I realise that it has always been humans speaking and dictating the law and that God has never uttered a word.


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