Thursday, 1 May 2014

Winter Cannot Come Fast Enough

When George RR Martin visited Northern Ireland he came up with most of the ideas for Game of thrones, so much so that the Stormont executive (da government) is looking into suing him for exploiting our culture.

Our drinking habits and views on casual rape are not something to be mocked, our young are raised with the lullaby, 'fuck em till they're dead' sung to them every night..... mostly by their drunken fathers in those dark secretive hours that you remember all throughout yer life, how special.   

 Talking sign posts for blind drivers, we have a lot of them.

We solved our unemployment and immigrant problems all in one, what do you mean we didn't have an immigrant problem? Well those foreigners from those mysterious Eastern bloc cuntries will think again before they try doing our jobs better than us. If they don't have English as their first language then how can they be white? ...... that's racist, calling them white.  

You cum into work, put the kettle on for a cuppa and then at 10am it's yer tea break, then leading up to lunch it talk about sport and yer dinner last night then after lunch it's yer 3pm cuppa and after 4pm it's who gives a fuck? with numerous smoke breaks in between and you have to make time for them, it's the law ...... foreigners just cannot grasp what a working day really is.

 We also have tons of complete wankers you'd like to poison, aye they all think they are king too.

We have Orange walkers while Game of thrones has White walkers fucking racist cunts!

The Orange Order (similar to the KKK) have named 3 towns to be flagship towns, that means they parade extra, longer and harder there, whether you like it or not. Markethill was one place, after I looked up where it was I shrugged and promptly forgot. When Old Knudsen served his queen and cuntry we just called doon there bandit cuntry and that is what it will always be.

The other two places are Limavady and Larne ...... only Orange walkers and wildlings are up there in those two towns, there is a reason we built that wall as seen in Game of thrones.

The question isn't where will the wildlings attack it's when, they have already started with the brave throwing of the petrol bomb at empty buildings then running away into the night attacks not to mention that the wildlings have already taken Larne as their own ..... and they are welcome to it.

Hurley from Game of thrones.

We don't have any Blackwatch .... cos that would be racist, we do have our police the PSNI which are just as useless.

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