Friday, 2 May 2014

Virgin On The Ridiculous

Not the gurl in the story, this lass paid me to take her virginity with the hopes of having Old Knudsen's children, he gets that a lot. 

"I am a sensually stunning, highly educated and charismatic American woman. Did I mention I'm a virgin? I hope you are intrigued!" .... You sound like a dick to be honest .... Did I mention I'm painfully honest? I hope you are intrigued!

 A 27 year-old medical student doesn't have much of value but thinks that her virginity might get her a few bucks and has put it out to auction on the line. Not the first nor the last to sell their virginity online.

America the land of the brave and the home of the free isn't really a free cuntry cos you can't sell or kill yer body, it's illegal so she went to the land of the dingo and the home of the not free, Australia and her agent there is taking bids on who wants to go where no man but plenty of sex toys has gone before.

She's 5 feet 10 inches and 130 LBS if yer interested in gangly skinny chicks.

 Maybe she looks better in person without a ton of make up on.

Going by the name Elizabeth Raine the bids are well over $500,000. She says that she has learned a lot along the way such as, men like to shag weemen and will even pay for it which is a little known fact. She has also learned about prostitution, virginity and slut-shaming says the slutty hoor with two holes still barely intact.

The winner will get a 12 hour date and better not have any STD's  ..... that's Old Knudsen out and they must wear a condom, HA! loop hole, it doesn't say where he has to wear it.

The lucky fellow has to sign a contract in which he must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, no anal sex and no violence.

For fucks sake any other deal breakers?  Old Knudsen is definitely out of the running

If Old Knudsen was paying that kind of money (A $10 shag hurts Old Knudsen's chest and that's just thinking about it) there would be a few conditions of his own.

Any hole is fair game and as many times as physically possible within a period of 12 hours not including tea breaks, the lass must know how to make tea BTW.

Biting and spanking is not violence ..... nor is the odd friendly choke hold or rabbit punch. A discount for everyone of her orgasms as it's about the man not her, she can enjoy herself on her own dime.     

Safety words are for the weak so none of that shite. Also for that kind of money I'd be expecting a DVD of the experience to show friends and family etc.... maybe a t-shirt commemorating the event.

Elizabeth says "the winner may not be happy with the sex, but he knows what he’s paying for."

Well that sounds um ... encouraging and eerily similar to what Old Knudsen's 6th wife said on his honeymoon .
I don't know why any man would want to shag a virgin but that is just me. If a lass happened to be one then fine, but like in this example and with pedos men go out of their way to do it..... maybe Old Knudsen being confident in his manhood doesn't feel the need to feel power over others in this way.

Experience is far better than youth and beauty which is why Old Knudsen tends to chat up the older, worn doon by life types. 

I doubt that sex with the lass will be very good. She has already put restrictions on the sex (that we know about) and isn't planning on making it special for the customer. She is ok looking, nothing special but is a little too skinny for Old Knudsen's tastes and wallet.

Men actually prefer weemen with curves, it's weemen who feel threatened by thin chicks as that is how clothes designers and the media have rigged the game of body well being. Back in the caveman days weemen used to only have a small group of weemen to compete with for mating, now they have the world wide web of porn and cable TV to compete with.

Is it ok to sell yer alleged virginity online? While it isn't very appropriate in civilized society to do so, hoors have always been around and do provide a valuable service to those who are socially awkward, too busy with work to have a life or just plain creepy.

Not something that someone in the medical profession should do if she wants to be respected in her career but she has dollar signs in her eyes. Once you become a hoor and make no mistake, that is what she will be, there is no going back.

Funnily enough there is a stigma on prostitution which is sad as many weemen and crack hoors just don't have any other options and with human traffickers they are forced into it from an early age.

This lass is a first worlder with no real money problems. She would have no problem with losing her virginity, she just wants some easy money. I think a real lack of self respect is at play here, I would applaud her open-ness but see it as cold and business like, not very human. She is 27 and sex has not really interested her so far .... bound to be crap.

 Weemen are not people, they are playthings for men ... well that is how they are seen.

It's her body and she wants to do it then go for it, she is an adult, sure it's a step back for weemen's rights as it shows that weemen can be bought just like a book from Amazon but the dehumanization of weemen has been going on for decades in movies and magazines so why not online too?   Nice of weemen to go along with it.

Old Knudsen won't be paying this lass for sex anytime soon, he'll make do with a hand job doon at the docks for a price of a pack of cigarettes .... who doesn't like a sailor or to suck on a fisherman's friend?     

Update:  Auction called off after reaching $800,000. There was me getting me money together in order to bid, ach what a dick tease.  I'm off to pay a professional $10 and I bet I'll get better value for my buck.

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