Friday, 30 May 2014

UKIP Is Not Racist

Geoffrey Clarke a candidate for the political party UKIP has been suspended for some innocent remarks me made. Is there not freedom of speech in this cuntry?

He said that pregnant mothers whose unborn children have been tested positive for Downs syndrome or spina bifida should be forced to have abortions to avoid the child being from being a burden on the state. 

Clarke also wanted a debate into reducing NHS spending and suggested giving free euthanasia advice to all people over 80 years of age.

The comments were in his personal manifesto on his website but since getting a backlash from right minded thinking non-Nazi types and suspended by his party he then came out and said that he doesn't necessarily agree with these ideas ..... he would however like to discuss them.  UKIP have yet again had to say that they didn't know that one of their candidates had these views.

The 66 year-old account is chomping at the bit to get onto the council of Kent to oppress, nay dominate some of the immigrants he described as riff raff.
My manifesto for UKIP 

 War veteran Soren Knudsen is a true man of the people.

We should issue colour cards to every citizen, from white (for normal people) to shades of grey for people who can pass for normal .... er white, then onto yer yellows, browns and blacks. Of course this would in no way be a racist thing based on skin colour as we'd obviously class gypo types as black.  

UKIP is not racist, did you not see their token Pakkie in the telly the other night? 

Based on this colour scheme the lighter yer card the more services and benefits you can claim. 

To monitor immigration we should put all immigrants from grade 2 Slav class cuntries into camps for their own well being, any immigrants from class 3 cuntries (Africa and middle and far east) straight onto the incinerators, only those who speak English will be given an opportunity to work helping us with the incineration process.

On education, no European ulla bulla lingo will be taught at our schools, the only other languages offered will be the Queen's English and Klingon.
As an important lesson to the children there will be no free lunches as you get nothing for free these days me laddie.
Corporal punishment will be brought back to instill character.

Along with those with darker shaded citizen cards, weemen will not be allowed positions of authority and will not have a vote in any future elections, only land owning white males will be allowed to vote.

On healthcare, there will be fast tracking of those in hospital terminal wards so we'll have faster bed turnover for those in need.
Mental health services will be done away with as it is all in the head, a nice walk or a cup of tea will sort them out.
Anyone visiting their local Doctor for back pain will be charged for the visit as they are obviously chancers no doubt trying to scam some money off someone.   

The environment, do we really need one? The Americans will pay good money to frack so I say frack the environment and we'll worry about the pollution and earthquakes later. Wind and solar power is unreliable as scientists keep going on about climate change but gas is a sure thing.  

The Scottish problem, we need to keep the united kingdom whole .... dumping Northern Ireland of course, I doubt Ireland wants it but whatever, it costs too much to keep.  We go into Scotland on a Sunday morning (the hangover hours) and we cull all men under 70 who will not swear allegiance to the queen and all male children who are as tall as a wagon wheel.

Disabled people will work for their benefits by taking part in assault course type game shows .

A sensible no-nonsense approach to political correctness will attempt to undo the years of idiocy, how can anyone take offense at being called a golly, wog, monkey or nig-nog? Seriously people enough is enough.

I have a friend who is ghey and I'm sure he wouldn't mind being called a fag or a fudge packing cocksucker.

No pandering to the liberals, patting some tart on the bum or squeezing her boob is a compliment, as is cornering her and making suggestive remarks while thrusting yer hips.   

While the UK values trade with other cuntries we refuse to be held to any form of standards and buyer be fucking ware. Whatever it is that Britain still produces we're proud of it.

Any other issue can be solved with a good slap and a pint of ye olde English ale, politics ain't that difficult, just like the 1930's all over again.

While this maybe on Old Knudsen's blog and written by him he may not agree with everything and so cannot be held accountable if taken to court.  Heil Farage!  




harry said...

Too fucking goddamned funny.
I find it hard to believe non wanting intercourse with the Knutsen.

America needs you, please come back.

Old Knudsen said...

Fingers crossed, I have me lottery tickets. I may return.