Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Trendy Activists

Remember to reblog, share, like and retweet as that is sure to get the girls from the evil horny clutches of the Boko Harem .... assuming that they still have them.

Funny how it took 3 weeks for social media to decide to save the girls from rape and death, well done you trendy-activists. Boko Harem have been killing and abducting since 2002 and even more from 2009 onwards.

Barack has learned from his wife and has now replaced any form of action with hashtags so the whole world can be involved ..... also it saves money and looks as if he cares.

Look, he made a hashtag, no need to do anything. This is the perfect political promise as it requires the very minimum of effort and if it doesn't succeed (which is most likely) the people will get the blame.

David Cameron went to Nigeria to show his support but as usual he was clueless.

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