Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Shame Of Northern Ireland

Building sites that come to a halt when the companies go bust and and other decrepit buildings around Northern Ireland are not a priority to hide and cover up in case some head of state might drive by or if it's on a route for a televised bicycle race.  

Yes these old ruined buildings may be an eye sore but every single cuntry has them. The option is to fix them up or tear them doon, not draw yet more attention to them.
Of course many of the common sense actions get blocked when local councils can't come to an agreement.

This is our true shame. Why do we have murals celebrating criminals? On the route of the Giro d'Italia you'll find these murals in full view of the world's press. When I say world I really just mean ESPN and the like.
When Alliance politician Anna Lo brought up the subject of flags and murals along the Giro d 'Italia route she was shouted doon.  How dare you try to use this race to further the flag and mural issue!

 Murals of hate below the cranes that were built by Krupp who built for the Nazis in WWII.

The Northern Ireland government at Stormont have managed to ignore murals and flags for 15 years so why would they want it brought up all of a sudden without any warning like that? Ms Lo who was born in Hong Kong knows a thing or two about bigotry as she has constantly received threats throughout the years when trying to make Northern Ireland a better place to live .... Why does she bother? We're all cunts. As is Sammy Wilson from the DUP who was the loudest at telling Ms lo to know her place.

The Stormont executive are not stupid, yes they appear that way but in reality they are devious, two faced and insidious. The reason why they allow criminals from both the Protestant and Catholic sides to have murals depicting masked men with rifles is to not upset these people as they are their main voter.
Yes they would rather appear to be a weak and ineffective government than not being a government because they have solved all the problems. They thrive on conflict and would not exist without it.

The world can see our bigotry on proud display and maybe they will catch a glimpse of some spide throwing feces at a tourist cos we don't like no outsiders.

Luckily no one in the big wide world really cares about the Giro d'Italia and soon this burst of cycle enthusiasts will make way for the sectarian marches and we'll be back to the odd hapless tourist wondering why Belfast is closed until 1pm on a Sunday again.

Northern Ireland's shame is that they either vote for the hate parties who are now sharing power or that they just don't bother to vote them out.

You get the government you deserve.

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