Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Racist Spides Of East Belfast

 Loca is only!

East Belfast is yet again showing the world what a lovely and inviting place Northern Ireland is not. We are tribal and closed on Sunday, that says it all so fuck off! Nothing here for us so don't be thinking you'll get anything.

We don't want foreigners coming over here and doing the jobs that we are too lazy to do, whats next shagging our weemen? You fuckers with yer chins and lack of hereditary illnesses make me sick, as does me family history of  marrying his first cousins and uncles.

 Don't be fooled, there is no music playing.

First there was the feces thrown over the Romanian who was on the bicycle and now 3 homes where Polish people live got attacked. Along with the several attacks on the office of the political party the Alliance party, it's been a pretty full week for East Belfast. 

It's a Protestant area which means high unemployment, low education levels, confusion with their national identity and bitter resentment about the need to hide their sexual orientation.

Locals only!

Yep East Belfast people like to keep it in the family. The problem is that a population with reduced genetic material finds it difficult to adapt to changes in environmental conditions such as flags being flown on designated days instead of everyday.
"It's stripping away my heritage, It's chipping away at my British identity" ...... what the fuck does that mean? ...... "Uh I dunno I heard someone say it on the telly .... so I did." 

Facial deformities and mental deficiencies are common in East Belfast and many other hamlets of homely love throughout Northern Ireland .

During the Troubles the rest of the world shrugged at Northern Ireland's stupidity, Protestants against Catholics????? How very 17th century, white people killing white people what the fuck is that about? 
Now we carry out racists attacks against white people because we white people don't want white people around here, especially ones who don't speak through their noses and can speak English better that us. 
Aye it's all just a warm up for 11th July which is like yon movie The Purge in which it is acceptable to take out personal grudges on them uns and others who are different or looked at you funny once.  

When will we learn from history? World War I was caused by inbred fuckers, we think WWIII will be because of North Korea having a bad hair day or Tensions rising in Ukraine but no, it will be because of the incest lovers of East Belfast. 


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