Sunday, 18 May 2014

Ten Of The Best

Ya know Old Knudsen kinda gets into trouble when he stats that pedos and religion go together like pubes and butter .... or is it only me who always finds a pube in me butter?
It's funny watching people getting all defensive when they think yer taking a pot shot at their belief system when in fact yer taking a pot shot at all organized religion in which pedophiles use their beliefs and status to dominate, intimidate and abuse others.
Weemen are only good for cooking, punching and fucking ~ John the Baptist.  

The main three religions, Christianity Islamity and Judaism are already set up as misogynistic systems with the men making all the rules, no God didn't make the rules for these religions it was conveniently handed doon to man for misinterpreting.

Buddhism is well sexist too as are the cultures who practice it but Old Knudsen lets them do their own fucking about until he has to mock a burning monk or something. Oh look a monk set himself on fire in protest for .... oops lost interest cos Kim Kardashian has posted another selfie from her holiday 2 years ago.

Then you have Hinduism with their lovely caste system that tells you yer place in life and those lot don't just fuck kids, they have all the rapes.   

So back to my post (post some tits an ass for fucks sake) I post on a Sunday as that is an alleged holy day so fuck the Lard! and I do it to tempt the Religious pedos away from the kiddies and onto adults.
You may get one of my sermons but you know what? when you start paying Old Knudsen then he'll shut the fuck up and post more boobies ..... do I hear any offers?
It's difficult for Old Knudsen to cum up with interesting pictures of half naked weemen that focus'on the merits of the form rather than oh look, a pair of tits and blonde hair, she must be hot by default.
Blonde, not very intelligent looking, cow fat in the lips, fake boobs, heavy eye make up and a tan = HOT! 
No not really I'm just showing you an example of what I could post. She may be just one of those nameless sex fantasy weemen on the Interwebs but she isn't Old Knudsen's fantasy in any shape or form.

Old Knudsen's fantasies cum with a safety word and it's all mostly consensual.
I say mostly consensual because sometimes you have those blurred lines .... for instance Gerard Butler is quite fast at running, if after 4 miles or so he was too knackered to outrun yer car which may have hit him does him letting you catch him imply consent?   Old Knudsen should be a lawyer. It puts the lotion on it's skin now say 'This is Sparta' again.
Old Knudsen feels that he may have made a difference with this post. If only Jimmy Savile, that god fearing pillar of the community who raised millions for charity and who was knighted not only by the Queen but by the Pope had read me blog.  
It was John Paul II who knighted him and he just got made a saint.... you'd think he'd know considering he had special powers an shit.  He had hundreds of known pedophiles working for him so I wonder if Savile had received any of the special pedo training that the priests got, ah well that was yer Sexy Sunday post now leave the kiddies alone you snooty elitist gog botherers. 

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