Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday Fleshtation


Well hello Sunday lovers, yer weekly dose of adult fleshtation to ensure you don't go molesting any kids ... I know what yer like so don't bother denying it.
I have no idea why she is so happy but doesn't this picture make you want to smile even more than that idiot Happy song?  ... clap along.
Yer about to go to church and you realise yer dick has fallen off .... DAMN YOU GOD!!!! oh and then you remember that yer a hot chick. Happens all the time.
Not wanting to be accused of being misogynistic by some woman who should be doing the dishes or something here is a hot man for you. Remember folks, real men have curves.
Maybe I should just stick to pictures of weemen, all that ghey porn tends to confuse Old Knudsen and makes him question things. The lad in the picture is probably not ghey at all, but cos he looks ghey he's probably British .
And back to being happy again.
When I see pictures like this I always have a good look at what is in the room. The cut outs on the wall are all beauty tips but I don't see anything about shaving yer minge. 
On this one Old Knudsen was just too stunned by the overall impact, what a sexy duvet. 
I gave the ghey porn another go, seems I'm getting used to it. Now I'm off to get me a body like this, I'll try doon at 24 hour Fitness, "excuse me mister, would you smell my napkin."
I'll think about it.

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