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Lets Blame The Parents


Central Florida Intelligence Exchange (CFIX) has found that 79% of the shooters involved in killing sprees from 2011 - 2013 had some form of mental illness. I would say 100% as these are not the actions of sane people, even temporary illness or the inability to make rational thoughts .

The bloke who named his son Adolf Hitler and went to the custody hearing dressed like this is totally sane. He just hates Jews, Niggers, Gheys and people who wear spectacles but he's sane.  

Those who do not have any form of mental illness and who are obviously totally sane are people like Christopher Dorner who in 2013 killed 4 in a "work related" shooting and Michael Wade Page who killed 6 at a Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin which was only a "hate crime" because we all know that racists are sane rational people ..... these people are not crazy .... that's crazy! 

I think that as soon as you write a manifesto or plan to murder people you've boarded the train to crazy town ... I'd better write something about that. 

Seung-Hui Cho the Virginia Tech campus shooter who killed 32 people in 2007 was assessed by mental health professionals in 2005 as his room mate reported that he had threatened to kill himself . 

If only he had killed himself. Cho bluffed his way through the assessment and said he was joking. Cho had previously stated during telephone conversations with mental healthcare providers that he suffered from depression and anxiety but he was never treated. 

This cunt saunters into class with sunglasses and a hat on, gives the professors hassle and takes pictures of female student's legs in class, he definitely seemed angry as if he had things he wasn't dealing with very well, taking it out on others and blaming others (see Euro skeptics) is a classic sign. 

As with disgruntled employees and right wing racists, those with Aspergers are not classed as having a mental illness. 
Aspergers is no longer used in the medical profession, probably because too many people express traits of Aspergers when in reality they are just dull as fuck wankers.  

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the umbrella catch all name. Autism is not a mental illness, it's a disability. 
Yer brain just isn't wired the same as others and you tend to see things in black and white, good or bad and like a fly against a pane of glass, somethings just do not make sense to you. 

 Robin Thicke doesn't have ASD, he's just a dickhead and a wanna be rapist. 

Social cues are often missed, not in the way a gurl says no but Robin Thicke only hears yes and shags her whether she likes it or not but in the way that a hot gurl asks a guy out to go see a movie and the guy says, "No thanks that movie looks like it sucks" ...... maybe someday he figures it out. 

People with ASD often miss jokes and aren't sure if they should be offended or not ... how many times has Old Knudsen had to explain his comments to people?  "I didn't say you were a moronic cocksucker, I said you get on like a moronic cocksucker" aye people, it's not all about you.  

Trevor 'fucking' Phillips

Not to sound like a geezer who has never played a video game and who thinks that a haircut and army service cures all but Old Knudsen believes that social media and violent gaming harms the developing mind. 
Much like if kids watch violent movies from an early age they'll be aggressive noisy wee fuckers who think they can do something and walk away from it, like in the movies. 

When Old Knudsen plays GTA5 for any amount of time he does notice some changes and habits he has developed. 
When in the real world he'll react more than usual to police sirens, when he sees an armoured money van he wants to grab an RPG and rob it and driving on the left and the right becomes a little confusing.  
Killing hookers after they blow Old Knudsen is standard so don't go blaming video games on that. 

Old Knudsen recently bought Killzone 2 as it was on sale and he liked # 3 so he is honing his skills with intense shootouts and game provided combat buddies that keep getting him killed.... fucking useless twats.  

Social media can be a depressing place at times, do I want to click on animal abuse videos or read about children getting beat to death? Also how many times can Old Knudsen tells you that yer wrong before he gets bored?     

Too much information gets thrown at you with modern day technology, when you find yerself checking yer phone of yer FB wall 5 times a minutes then there is a problem. Old Knudsen watches movies or goes out and smells the flowers when he feels overwhelmed. 

How does a young man deal with this when he doesn't have the experience and knowledge to know what is happening to him and when his body is being flooded with hormones that already blur yer line of reasoning? 

Autism is a disability which doesn't mean it's an excuse, it means that you just have to try harder as with any disability. The thing you have to remember ... the most important thing in order to understand what those with Autism are faced with is - It's how they perceive it.  You might think nothing of a situation that has no effect on yer life but someone with Autism who sees it in a different way might be falling to pieces over it and getting stressed out to the point of meltdown. 
Scott Evans Dekraai killed 8 in Seal Beach Callyfornia in 2011

So the shootings that are not hate crimes, work or money related and aren't carried out by those with ASD are usually done by the real loonies. People like Scott Evans Dekraai who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or others with Paranoid Schizophrenia or Dysphoric Mania account for the other shooters.
They are the ones who the public don't have too much of a problem with because there is not so much to figure out.... he was crazy, end of story.  We don't find out about many of the shooter's mental health issues as many have not been treated and the shooter ends up dead without giving much of a reason.

Elliot Roger who recently killed 6 people in Callyfornia was a 22 year-old who had Autism. He had a well off family and lacked for nothing, being able to travel the world, attend fancy schools and red carpet movie premieres with his director father he didn't have the one thing though and it was a thing that he really needed and that was affection and love from his family.

His aunt who had only met him 3 times felt qualified to refer to him as being extremely sick, she backed this up by saying he had no support network and never had any friends, he folded clothes repeatedly as a young child and was on medication ..... well it's lucky that she never became an NHS Doctor.
So the signs were all there, the repeated folding of clothes. That doesn't mean yer sick and about to kill weemen for not wanting you, that's something you do when stressed. His aunt lives in France, and who the fuck in their right mind would live in France?

With family like her we can see how Elliot was raised.  

Always sitting on the edge of life, never joining in. 

When a boy has Autism, his immediate family have to do things and employ certain strategies to lessen his fear of the world and to help him adjust. Medication is not the answer. The early years are the most important ones as that is when he learns the most about what life is.

I wonder how life with Hollywood stars effects a boy like him, if he didn't have an unrealistic view of the world then life in Hollywood would really screw you up. Elliot never appears happy in pictures and prefers to hid behind big sunglasses and pout with yon blow job lips ..... like some movie star. 

Why didn't he tell gurls that his da was a movie maker? if that doesn't get you yer hole as you tell them about the Hunger games premiere then nothing will. Did he even like gurls .... who knows? 

He was obsessed about being 22 and still a virgin, now the headlines are 'Virgin killer kills six' ... ouch, time for a face palm? 

Elliot's father Peter, wasn't just a movie director, he was a photographer just like his own father was. While his father George Roger took pictures of the D-day landing and the liberation of Bergen Belsen Peter, took pictures of weemen's arses
Odd how this would be his preferred subject and odd how Elliot saw weemen as things to order about or to be killed if they didn't do as expected. 
Elliot wasn't full of himself, sure he thought he was better than others as he came from a old English family but he had doubts that he'd measure up. Regaining his families fortune they had lost during the depression was his way of judging worth. 
Adam Lanza is a similar case to Elliot Roger, besides having a father named Peter they were loners with everything they ever needed in life except being understood.  Adam's father had not seen his son for 2 years before Adam's shooting rampage at Sandy Hook killing 27. Now Peter Lanza calls his son evil and wishes that he had never been born, sounds like someone is projecting for their own failure as a parent.

It's easy to blame the parents and in many cases a child can have a perfect upbringing and still turn out to be a total cunt. Elliot and Adam's cases seem very straight forward and constant travel and an unstable family unit with very little understanding seems to be the cause of things.  

Autistic children need data, they are like computers and like computers their data does get corrupted from time to time, put that with the American gun culture and you have young men playing Call of duty in real life.
I doubt the founding fathers meant for this with the second amendment but gun owners aren't listening because it doesn't suit them. 
Reporters asking 'was there an AR-15?' during each press meeting doesn't help either. 

America isn't dealing with ASD very well which is why many preferred the name Aspergers. If you can't mainstream in life and education you'd get a label and end up being educated with the kids who bang their heads off walls and lick windows ..... that does no good for those who are higher functioning. Canada and the UK has better services for children with ASD than the US has and we're socialist cuntries. 

Like I said, ASD isn't an excuse but understanding why mass murderers do what they do is very important so others don't fall through the cracks and yes, like it or not easy access to firearms isn't helping. 

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