Saturday, 31 May 2014

Jim Dowson Shows Support For Bigoted Pastor James McConnell

And no one cares .....

 Jim Dowson being irrelevant. 

Right wing mouthpiece Jim Dowson has come out in support of Pastor James McConnell who recently preached to his congregation that Islam is the spawn of Satan and that you can't trust Muslims.
Dowson ranted on about Mooslim madness on his Facebook page for the neo-nazi group Britain First  and how Muslims run areas in English cities where they give you death threats for handing out Bibles and attack you for drinking alcohol in the street, the later is very dear to Dowson's heart as he's Scottish, every day is a hip flask day for him.

According to Dowson, Mooslims lie about whatever they like as we infidels are scum and beneath their respect, unlike Christians who are raised good and never lie.... Except that Dowson is a hypocritical, lying, scumbag, neo-nazi, homophobe who likes to make money while stirring up shit.

Imagine that, gangs of lawless cunts thinking they can run the streets and using religion as a means to justify being dickheads .... never mind that, lol at the ginger camel jockey. 

     Now who would use religion to stir up hate and prejudices? 

Just like the Muslims or Mooslims as Dowson calls them. Just like the way that not every Protestant is thick necked criminal and not every Catholic is a bomb making pedo, not every Muslim is a terrorist.
If you must judge people then judge them by their character and how they behave, not by what they are.
Now tell me how these radical Muslims are any different to the Loyalists or the Republicans. You all dress up in funny looking gear, make speeches about the man, think you are above the law, don't like others from outside yer tribe and pretend to be from some middle eastern religion.

Yer all just a bunch of useless wankers with too much time on yer hands, it's a pity ya don't spend that time educating yerselves. As my Da would always say, "you wanna fight? ..... then join the army." 

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