Wednesday, 28 May 2014


A Muslim doing Satanic stuff with his meat .

Subway has said they will only sell Halal meat in areas in which it is most sought after, this isn't some Muslim ploy to condemn yer soul with a 6 inch sub it's done for commercial reasons.  Pastor James McConnell an attention hoor from Northern Ireland is convinced that he'll bite into a burger and the cooties of Islam will crawl out and take him to a place of torture and terror .... a little like Guantanamo Bay. So what if they say prayers over the animals before cutting it's throat, eat more bacon then, surely bacon is God's way of saying he loves us and wants us to be happy. 

It isn't the Muslims you should worry about, it's the .....

Jews! Those people and their dills, taking over everything. I don't hear any Pastors of hate preaching against kosher food.

Maybe because Jebus used to be Jewish and many of the old testament action heroes were Jewish too.  

 Oy-vey that's a good pizza.

I wonder how they kill the dills in a kosher way ....

The joke's on you McConnell, I heard that many employees of KFC were Wiccan and say "blessed be" and "merry meat" when they make up yon bargain buckets.

Yer soul has long left the building.

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