Monday, 5 May 2014

Created Drama But No Justice

Gerry Adams the leader of yon shower of shites Sinn Fein has been released from Antrim police station after 4 days of questioning into the 1972 murder of Jean McConville. Aye, watch out cos our police really are that fast, it's only 42 years which is fairly good for the PSNI.

While Gerry was in the station being plied with cups of tea and KFC bargain buckets to force a confession out of him his followers were busy with their graven images of their lord. Very appropiate considering it's questioning in regards to the murder of a widow who was raising 10 children, no not distasteful at all. 

Trying to make Adams into some form of hero, protesters made sure they used a picture of  that other terrorist hero Nelson Mandela .
He went in voluntarily to answer questions, he isn't a fucking martyr you twats. Well done on the speed of organising everything, it's as if you had a plan or new about things beforehand.   

This is the same Gerry Adams who shielded his pedo brother from arrest (allegedly) leaving his niece to go it alone then posted inappropriate poems about domestic abuse.  So tell me why you are making him to be some kind of hero.

Many Adams supporters say that this is political policing as there are elections in less than a month, gog forbid that anyone would think that Sinn Fein were involved in murders. So when is it a good time for you to face up to the murders of the past? I'll pencil you in for early June.

In 2003 Mrs McConville's body was found by a dog walker in County Louth in Ireland. The IRA claimed that she was an informer but that claim was rejected by an independent body investigating the case.
Years later Brendan Hughes, a former IRA commander who gave an interview to Boston college stated that Adams gave the order for the murder. Boston college only releases interviews after the terrorist dies.
IRA bomber Dolours Price also made allegations against Adams to Boston college. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) began legal moves to get the Boston tapes which is still ongoing.

Price took an overdose of prescription drugs in 2013, boy did she hate Adams.

In March of this year a small fry named Ivor Bell was charged in connection with the murder. His lawyers mentioned Gerry Adams which led to Adams going to the police station for questioning.

Nothing sticks to Gerry. I'm sure the government could put him behind bars for numerous act of murder and terrorism but that would put the peace process at risk and he knows it. Adams, Martin McGuinness and several other Sinn Fein members play ball with the British government and now have respectable well paying jobs into their old age, the people who are still IRA fanatics and who were not given jobs are not very happy with Sinn Fein, they would rather be blowing people up to achieve a united Ireland cos that really works. 

Jean McConville was raised Protestant but became Catholic after marrying her husband who was a former member of the British army. Their family got intimidated out of the Protestant area they lived in and so they moved to Catholic West Belfast.

In 1972 her husband died of cancer and one of her sons was in prison for IRA activities. Neighbours in the area they lived became abusive towards McConville accusing her of passing on information to the police and army about the IRA.  
The whole being Protestant once and her husband having been in the army years ago would have put Loyalist and Republicans on alert if she lived in their areas as these criminal tribes do not like people with differing ways about them.

If in doubt, burn them out.

1972 was a difficult year for Jean, her husband dying and her son running around with a bad crowd and in prison, with the men out of the house the vultures must have saw weakness as she was taken at gunpoint by a group of girls ( one being Dolours Price) they tortured her by breaking her bones and smashing up her hands and then a bullet was put into the back of her head.

Taken to a beach in southern Ireland and buried. The IRA didn't own up to it until 1999 .... shame anyone?

Back then the police (RUC) only investigated the most serious of crimes, one woman being kidnapped wasn't serious as they just put it down to her being warned by the IRA and leaving of her own will .... aye and leaving her kids behind.

Her children were looked after by their 15 year-old sister but after they were found starving with no money, social services split them up to find homes.

The children of Jean McConville have long given up on justice for their mother, they know the names of the killers but out of fear of reprisals they won't talk.

Many others have said that Gerry Adams was the only one with the authority to order the murder but of course he denies everything, hes made a political career out of denying things and has shown he'll even sacrifice his family members rather than look bad.

There are 8 others who have disappeared and have yet to be found, will we ever be able to move past the Troubles or will the skeletons in the closet or beaches keep appearing until the older politicians die?    

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