Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bright Lights Big Shitty

The people of East Belfast are not really known for their enlightenment, in fact it has been claimed that they possess more Neanderthal DNA than most. Yesterday a filthy Romanian was riding his bicycle of abuse when a durty Eastern Belfast man/creature threw shit at him.

Did he just have the shit handy? Was it his own? Can he produce a constant stream on demand? Was there nuts or sweetcorn in it?

If you don't want one just say no, don't give them any shit.

Who the fuck does that? Yeah being asked to for money by Romanian Big Issue sellers can be annoying but this is taking the piss .... if you excuse my incorrect terminology there.

News just in, a second attack on a man who isn't white has occurred in Eastern Belfast, they beat him with sticks until he gave them all of his bananas ..... Loyalists are probably to blame, aren't they always?  

Ach you think, 'I hope this week goes ok without some dickhead showing us up as backwards, poorly educated cuntybaws' then they throw petrol bombs at a political office and throw feces at an immigrant.

Can the people of Northern Ireland do anything else but hate?  I know a lot of the hatreds are passed doon from the parents, fight against the faulty programming and think for yerself.

Game of thrones, Titanic and Liam Neeson can only do so much into tricking people to visit and invest here.  


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