Wednesday, 14 May 2014

American History D Minus

Jeremy and Christine Moody a lovely American couple stood in court and told of their remorse for the murder of Charles Parker aged 59, and his wife Gretchen, 51, in Union, South Carolina. Charles Parker was a sex offender and his wife was unfortunate enough to be married to him.

The couple told of their regret and sorrow and how the murder was a sin against God. They had hoped to get a cushy 30 year sentence so they could see their children and grow old together.  As soon the judge gave them a sentence of life without parole they said what they really thought.

31 year-old Jeremy with his made in America tattoo on the side of his head, white power on the top of his head, skin head across his throat and 14 and 88 on the back of his hands to remove any doubt that he is a Neo Nazi piece of shit said that he had wished that he had killed more. They had planned on killing more but procrastination and the security cameras on Parker's property stopped that, maybe it was some "other" bald guy with made in America on his head .... worth a try. Jeremy played to the crowd and added, "That’s what child molesters get" before he was taken away to rot in prison. 

Not a cool smirking Nazi. 

The lovely Christine, 37 said that killing Parker was the best day of her life, what kind of crap life do you have to have for that to be the high point?  Aye winning the Lotto and Disneyland was ok but shooting and stabbing yon pedo and his wife that got me put in jail, now that was a perfect day. 

Psychologist Harold Morgan who head shrunk the pair said that they believed they had a divine assignment to kill pedos and anyone else who was with them. He didn't say which god had given them this assignment.

 Now this was a cool smirking Nazi.

   This is what a failed serial killer looks like.

Anyone who knows Old Knudsen even just a little bit knows that there are two things that he really hates, pedos and Nazis. He also believes that anyone who ignores and abuses the human rights of others such as pedophiles and rapists etc then don't deserve to have any human rights themselves, it all harks back to treating others how you'd like to be treated and of course to basic respect.

Killing a pedo ..... good, of course I don't know if Gretchen deserved it but Charlie boy certainly did. Of course Jeremy and Christine (if appearances are anything to go by) are crazy bigoted scum begs and probably deserve a good killing themselves.

Pedos and Nazis are on my list of expendable people when an execution becomes a justifiable execution. Rapists, murderers, terrorists, lemurs and bigoted scum and those who support them are all on the list.

During the week Clayton Lockett was executed in Oklahoma. He kidnapped a 19 year-old lass then shot her and ordered his two mates to bury her even though she was still alive while he raped one of her friends, his execution was well botched. He gave himself arm wounds and refused to eat or drink, guards had to taser him and then because he was dehydrated they had to use a vein in his groin. The poor fella writhed and moaned in pain for 43 minutes after the injection was given ............ sounds ok to me.
Because of that, the execution of a cunt who raped and killed an 11 month old gurl was postponed, kill them all and let God sort out his own, to paraphrase a goodly Christian man during the Albigensian Crusade, ya know the crusade in which Pope Innocent III ordered all the Cathars killed as he wanted rid of any competition ..... aye popes are on my list too.

Nazis killing pedos, smells like a win to me and that dopey looking fucker with the white head power skin is off the streets as is his crazy wife. It is a waste to keep them alive and a drain on society, we can only hope karma catches up to them behind bars.    

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