Monday, 12 May 2014

Aliens Stole My Dingo

Why would aliens keep abducting people? .......... According to 67 year-old Hilary Porter it's to collect eggs and genetic material for breeding purposes. The aliens are making alien/human hybrids.

The aliens have been abducting Hilary since the age of two, she kept disappearing from a secure back garden only to be found a half mile away. Her memory of those times are vague, the human mind does that as a natural defence against something traumatic, I wonder what it could be 

 It wasn't us, it was the aliens .... yeah that's right. 

When she was 5 years-old a reptilian appeared in front of her as she played in a field near her house, it dragged her into a disc shaped object parked nearby where it stripped her and put an instrument right up her. She remembers screaming and then nothing.
Sounds like Old Knudsen's honeymoon to his 7th wife, aye me hole still hurts from time to time, what a mean wee woman she was.  

The first recorded abduction was in 1954 so according to Hilary she has been taken since the late 1940's.
You'd think they'd have all the samples they need for hybrids by now.

Did you know that in 90% of child abuse cases the child knows the abuser and in 68% of cases it's a family member? ..... no idea why I felt the need to tell you this.

Hilary also believes she was abducted while driving near Cardiff in the 1970's, and later while she was hanging bunting for a charity event and when she worked at a top-secret Marconi research laboratory which is now a British Aerospace company. That alien had snow on it's boots and spoke with a thick Russian accent.

After each encounter she suffers migraines and feels ill. Many times she has fresh scars or bruises and there are bloody marks or stains on her clothes or bedsheets. 

Aye I bet the alien makes her sleep on the wet patch too. Old Knudsen very often wakes up with cuts and bruises, no memory of the night before and covered in someone else's blood, does that mean he's been abducted or does that mean he should stop drinking furniture polish?

 Hilary and her partner Ken.

She went to the doctor about her ear implant and of course since it's the NHS the doctor told her it was ear wax, what the fuck do doctors know anyway.You go in with depression and thoughts of suicide and the doctor says, "well you can't be that bad if you made it in here, go do something nice like go for a walk."
Old Knudsen went in cos he had really bad wind and asked the doctor to give him something for it, the bloody doctor gave him a kite.

Ken runs the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society .... which as a funny coincidence spells beams and he owns a device used to find bugs and listening devices, hey who doesn't own one of those? Well it goes ding ding ding when put up to her ear. I'm sure she removes her ear rings I mean they maybe crazy but they aren't stoopid. 

Hilary also worked for the Ministry of Defence as a draftsman/woman which makes you wonder who has compromised her and to what ends? 
She draws pictures of her abductions and hopes to make a self-help manual for abductees as over 1,500 people have cum to her with similar stories. 

Time to call in Sam and Dean Winchester to remove a few heads. 

So the Greys are working for the Reptilians and there maybe someone higher up than them, then you have the weird stories of the figures who appear to children in playgrounds and at schools, that figure was all black with red glowing eyes and wearing a white jumpsuit with badges. The figure would point to kids with dark hair and say, "I want you" the children seemed to be transfixed on it's gaze. 

Aliens or some kind of spirit? Now Old Knudsen has seen spirits and while he would not be so stupid or arrogant to state that there is no such thing as [ insert creature here] he awaits proof or a first hand encounter. 
A black figure in the distance walking up the mountain? ..... must be Sasquatch rather than a really fit person. 

Is this a real ghost?   Seen in a Bolivian sports stadium. It moves so fast and you can see through it.... must be true.

Except that when Old Knudsen saw that first link he said, "hold on there it looks different from the first time when the story came out."

So after a search he found it reported on a news site rather than Youtube. Since it got famous, someone went to the trouble of making it slightly see through. The original is clearly a solid figure. 

To Old Knudsen it's a person running very fast along a row of empty seating. Bolivians are short legged fuckers they can do this running in confined spaces thing, it's not a big mystery. 

Question everything and if it's on the Interwebs question is twice. If you believe anything put up on Facebook then just kill yerself, at least check out the comments before you post as there is always someone smarter than you with the link as to why it is fake.  

 We think we are so modern and know everything but we don't have a clue and there are creatures/beings who run circles around us and most of us don't even know. There are also idiot people who want to believe and try to make things real to make them feel important.... see Catholic Pope miracles.      
Hilary might be a very nice lady but seriously Old Knudsen would be more interested in the DNA and breeding of this lass, maybe aliens aren't so shallow. 'yeah I want her DNA because she is a clever and witty person' ..... so ghey!  I bet she isn't even a natural blonde for fucks sake.

Why do they keep coming back? Are they like the NHS and keep fucking up the samples so you have to give more? 
Yes she had a hush hush secret electronics job in the 70's, do you think that inter-dimensional, time  traveling aliens would be interested in 70's tech ?   Maybe they were helping us along or retrieving stuff from their crashed craft that we took. It was the 70's, maybe it was the mushrooms dude.

It seems that these secretive aliens and their spaceships are seen quite regularly. Just try to remember that UFO means unidentified flying object, not necessarily a spaceship from another world. If Old Knudsen did have to guess he would say another dimension or time and quite possibly the same world. 
You can see Youtubes of strange sights and lights and assuming that not all are fake then yer left wondering what the fuck? 

Airline pilots have told their stories of near collisions with unidentified craft or lights, astronauts have told about lights in space that followed them, hey guess what douche begs, we don't know everything about the universe.

Hilary will be giving a talk in Hastings for the Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee, Helpline conference. I wonder if she'll mention that about 80% of 21-year-olds who were abused as children met criteria for at least one psychological disorder. 

What do you do if you see a space man? you park man. 

Don't dismiss everything outright, keep an open mind and keep asking questions until you get proof and I don't mean a Youtube. "For the wise man looks into space and he knows there is no limited dimensions." ~Lao Tzu



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