Saturday, 31 May 2014

Jim Dowson Shows Support For Bigoted Pastor James McConnell

And no one cares .....

 Jim Dowson being irrelevant. 

Right wing mouthpiece Jim Dowson has come out in support of Pastor James McConnell who recently preached to his congregation that Islam is the spawn of Satan and that you can't trust Muslims.
Dowson ranted on about Mooslim madness on his Facebook page for the neo-nazi group Britain First  and how Muslims run areas in English cities where they give you death threats for handing out Bibles and attack you for drinking alcohol in the street, the later is very dear to Dowson's heart as he's Scottish, every day is a hip flask day for him.

According to Dowson, Mooslims lie about whatever they like as we infidels are scum and beneath their respect, unlike Christians who are raised good and never lie.... Except that Dowson is a hypocritical, lying, scumbag, neo-nazi, homophobe who likes to make money while stirring up shit.

Imagine that, gangs of lawless cunts thinking they can run the streets and using religion as a means to justify being dickheads .... never mind that, lol at the ginger camel jockey. 

     Now who would use religion to stir up hate and prejudices? 

Just like the Muslims or Mooslims as Dowson calls them. Just like the way that not every Protestant is thick necked criminal and not every Catholic is a bomb making pedo, not every Muslim is a terrorist.
If you must judge people then judge them by their character and how they behave, not by what they are.
Now tell me how these radical Muslims are any different to the Loyalists or the Republicans. You all dress up in funny looking gear, make speeches about the man, think you are above the law, don't like others from outside yer tribe and pretend to be from some middle eastern religion.

Yer all just a bunch of useless wankers with too much time on yer hands, it's a pity ya don't spend that time educating yerselves. As my Da would always say, "you wanna fight? ..... then join the army." 

Friday, 30 May 2014

UKIP Is Not Racist

Geoffrey Clarke a candidate for the political party UKIP has been suspended for some innocent remarks me made. Is there not freedom of speech in this cuntry?

He said that pregnant mothers whose unborn children have been tested positive for Downs syndrome or spina bifida should be forced to have abortions to avoid the child being from being a burden on the state. 

Clarke also wanted a debate into reducing NHS spending and suggested giving free euthanasia advice to all people over 80 years of age.

The comments were in his personal manifesto on his website but since getting a backlash from right minded thinking non-Nazi types and suspended by his party he then came out and said that he doesn't necessarily agree with these ideas ..... he would however like to discuss them.  UKIP have yet again had to say that they didn't know that one of their candidates had these views.

The 66 year-old account is chomping at the bit to get onto the council of Kent to oppress, nay dominate some of the immigrants he described as riff raff.
My manifesto for UKIP 

 War veteran Soren Knudsen is a true man of the people.

We should issue colour cards to every citizen, from white (for normal people) to shades of grey for people who can pass for normal .... er white, then onto yer yellows, browns and blacks. Of course this would in no way be a racist thing based on skin colour as we'd obviously class gypo types as black.  

UKIP is not racist, did you not see their token Pakkie in the telly the other night? 

Based on this colour scheme the lighter yer card the more services and benefits you can claim. 

To monitor immigration we should put all immigrants from grade 2 Slav class cuntries into camps for their own well being, any immigrants from class 3 cuntries (Africa and middle and far east) straight onto the incinerators, only those who speak English will be given an opportunity to work helping us with the incineration process.

On education, no European ulla bulla lingo will be taught at our schools, the only other languages offered will be the Queen's English and Klingon.
As an important lesson to the children there will be no free lunches as you get nothing for free these days me laddie.
Corporal punishment will be brought back to instill character.

Along with those with darker shaded citizen cards, weemen will not be allowed positions of authority and will not have a vote in any future elections, only land owning white males will be allowed to vote.

On healthcare, there will be fast tracking of those in hospital terminal wards so we'll have faster bed turnover for those in need.
Mental health services will be done away with as it is all in the head, a nice walk or a cup of tea will sort them out.
Anyone visiting their local Doctor for back pain will be charged for the visit as they are obviously chancers no doubt trying to scam some money off someone.   

The environment, do we really need one? The Americans will pay good money to frack so I say frack the environment and we'll worry about the pollution and earthquakes later. Wind and solar power is unreliable as scientists keep going on about climate change but gas is a sure thing.  

The Scottish problem, we need to keep the united kingdom whole .... dumping Northern Ireland of course, I doubt Ireland wants it but whatever, it costs too much to keep.  We go into Scotland on a Sunday morning (the hangover hours) and we cull all men under 70 who will not swear allegiance to the queen and all male children who are as tall as a wagon wheel.

Disabled people will work for their benefits by taking part in assault course type game shows .

A sensible no-nonsense approach to political correctness will attempt to undo the years of idiocy, how can anyone take offense at being called a golly, wog, monkey or nig-nog? Seriously people enough is enough.

I have a friend who is ghey and I'm sure he wouldn't mind being called a fag or a fudge packing cocksucker.

No pandering to the liberals, patting some tart on the bum or squeezing her boob is a compliment, as is cornering her and making suggestive remarks while thrusting yer hips.   

While the UK values trade with other cuntries we refuse to be held to any form of standards and buyer be fucking ware. Whatever it is that Britain still produces we're proud of it.

Any other issue can be solved with a good slap and a pint of ye olde English ale, politics ain't that difficult, just like the 1930's all over again.

While this maybe on Old Knudsen's blog and written by him he may not agree with everything and so cannot be held accountable if taken to court.  Heil Farage!  



Thursday, 29 May 2014

Rolf Harris TV Icon

I've always liked Rolf Harris, throughout the years he has been consistently entertaining and seemed like a nice bloke. A treasure that Britain borrowed from Australia. To those who don't know him he's an artist who did super fast paintings of the Australian outback during his children's TV art shows and half way through he'd always ask, "Can you tell what it is yet?" which became his catchphrase.
Harris with his wife and daughter. 
The pretend smiles looked more creepy and smug than 'we're resilient'

Now a friend of his daughter brought forth charges that he had indecently assaulted her and groomed her from the age of 13.  Why come out now? that was 40 years ago.

We saw the same with Jimmy Savile, the victims did not think they would ever be believed as they were accusing a star/television icon of pedophilia. In this case she has correspondence throughout the decades from Rolf that seemed a little inappropriate for a man 35 year-older to be sending to a young girl.
Harris claims that she may have flirted with him but he only had sex with her when she was 18. Why did she continue to have sex with him? she was a little afraid of him and going by her accounts of becoming an alcoholic during those years she no doubt had little self worth, she was taught to be a victim by Harris.

Various other women have come out and said how Rolf fondled them, he was like an octopus even while posing for pictures his hidden hand would be busy.

Harris admits having affairs with this friend of his daughter as well as another woman who stayed with him and his wife when she was down on her luck but denies everything else.

You see the three of them, Rolf with his wife Alwen and his daughter Bindi walking into the court, fixed smiles for the press as if they were on a day out, it maybe an act but what it looks like is a solid front of support for the benefit of the public. Can you imagine what his wife has had to put up with over the years, how many flings did he really have?

I am often amazed at weemen who show support for their husbands in public such as Hilary Clinton and the wife of once Democrat wonder boy John Edwards, she was battling cancer while he was battling boobies. Don't forget basket ball star Kobe Byrant.

The wives smile and hold their husband's hands and I'm thinking how repulsed those women probably are by this person to whom they once trusted. The husbands talk about their shame and how guilty they felt as they pumped away at the various weemen behind their wives backs on every possible occasion they could. 

I'm surprised that I didn't know about Rolf Harris. I knew that Anne Bankcroft would die of cancer and Jimmy Savile was totally on my radar, sometimes I just know things. I could not see the reason for Savile's popularity, he was creepy and revolting. I've never liked Arnold Schwarzenegger or Burt Reynolds either and while I'd watch John Wayne and Mel Gibson movies I always knew back in my head that these two were probably right wankers in real life. 

Harris had me fooled. He was someone nice that was always on the TV either painting or on commercials for weird musical instruments and was even in the music charts several times with his much loved songs, 'Two little boys' and 'Jake the peg' both songs now have even more hidden meanings for me now.  He became a bit of a cult when he did a version of Stairway to heaven with his wobble board, he was uncool but it was cool to like him.

Having read about this case I believe that good ol Rolf is guilty. There may be the under the surface suggestion that she flirted with him and that she knew what she was doing and what is a man to do? Men are so weak and when a 13 year-old gurl flaunts herself at you then it's all fair game right?

Wrong! There is no room for that kind of thinking he was the adult and a married one at that. He's guilty and only the love that the British people have for him will save him, as for Old Knudsen well he would hang the fucker.    


I Speak Jive

Pope Francis was in Jerusalem checking on the level of holy in the holyland, as there has been nothing but peace and prosperity there for thousands of years since the invention of Christianity he was most pleased, until he spoke to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  

Netanyahu suggested that Jesus spoke Hebrew while the Pope said not so fast there ya hook nosed money lender he spoke Aramaic, like in yon Mel Gibson movie.

Netanyahu then doubted that Jesus had ever been in any of the Lethal weapon movies but the Pope had his 'altar boys wouldn't melt in his mouth' look and so Netanyahu gave into him but said that he would of known Hebrew too.

  Jesus H Christ knew a little Greek.

Then the pair went on to debate the merits of electric Pokemon against grass types. Ya might as well be discussing what accent Robin Hood had for fucks sake.  Who cares what language he spoke in? His followers never listened to him anyways. 

The point is that Old Knudsen was reading this story on the BBC and then came to this part about Jesus, 'It's broadly accepted that Jesus existed, although the historicity of the events of his life is still hotly debated.'

When did it become broadly accepted?  Oh by the millions of Christians who want to believe. Old Knudsen does like a bit of proof before he believes and he doesn't mean hippy faces on his toast. 

During the time of this alleged Jesus the Romans ruled the place and took note of every important event. It disturbs Old Knudsen that people will say that he existed and then use the Bible to back it up thus making the Bible true too.

Too much blood has been shed by those refuse to take part in a little critical thinking. 

It was 40 years after the death of Jesus that anyone considered writing about him and that was Paul. Wouldn't you have thought it would have been more important than that? During the time when he decided to jot doon his Jesus notes the Romans were burning towns to the ground and slaughtering hundreds in this little unimportant corner of the Roman empire, great timing huh. 

Jesus was insanely hot with very tight robes. 

The Romans had indeed mentioned the superstitious Christians and even Christ but as we know Christ isn't his surname it's a title meaning anointed one. Jesus was a common name back then so why not have one in yer book? 
The Jesus that is written about isn't at all like a real person that was known by the writers but seems to be more of a human sky god laid out to present their case for Christianity being the best flavour of religion. 
Maybe he was a total wab head and so they just left out all the personal bits. 

And lo' it was in that time of jive talking that Jesus spake about the importance of staying alive. Go seek'th Paul brother of James who was mates with that dude with the leprosy for he has a brewing kit and can turn this water into wine. Then Jesus son of Joesph but not really said, "away an get a fish supper from da shap an we'll split it between 5,000 M8's "  For in those days Jesus still spoke with his terrible Belfast affliction.  


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Tragedy Strikes Town

The town of Durham in the north east of England is still reeling from shock when a man got so angry after hearing the Pharrell Williams song 'Happy' one time too many that he did nothing.

"I was walking down the high street with my wife when we passed by a young person's clothes shop" said Edward Green a retired postman who likes to tell people about how hard it was during the war even though he was only 10 then.

"The noise was thumping out 'Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, because I’m happy' I most certainly was not happy and no yank with an oversized hat can tell me otherwise."

According to his wife, Mr Green stood there with his hands shaking and his face contorted with impotent rage, his eyes darting from side to side as if in a panic.

"A room without a roof, does it have a ceiling? Is the whole house like this? maybe it's still being built, why would anyone feel like that it's idiotic. I feel the need to write a strongly worded letter to someone but I'll probably never get around to doing it." 

Said Mr Green.  

After what seemed like an eternity the couple moved on to Poundland with the repeating chorus 'because I'm happy' mocking them in the distance. Only after 8 weeks of counseling has Mr Green been able to talk about that day.

"Hitler tried to tell us what to do and we showed him, no one should ever be made to clap along if they don't want to, it's just not right." 

Mr Williams was unavailable for comment.


A Muslim doing Satanic stuff with his meat .

Subway has said they will only sell Halal meat in areas in which it is most sought after, this isn't some Muslim ploy to condemn yer soul with a 6 inch sub it's done for commercial reasons.  Pastor James McConnell an attention hoor from Northern Ireland is convinced that he'll bite into a burger and the cooties of Islam will crawl out and take him to a place of torture and terror .... a little like Guantanamo Bay. So what if they say prayers over the animals before cutting it's throat, eat more bacon then, surely bacon is God's way of saying he loves us and wants us to be happy. 

It isn't the Muslims you should worry about, it's the .....

Jews! Those people and their dills, taking over everything. I don't hear any Pastors of hate preaching against kosher food.

Maybe because Jebus used to be Jewish and many of the old testament action heroes were Jewish too.  

 Oy-vey that's a good pizza.

I wonder how they kill the dills in a kosher way ....

The joke's on you McConnell, I heard that many employees of KFC were Wiccan and say "blessed be" and "merry meat" when they make up yon bargain buckets.

Yer soul has long left the building.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lets Blame The Parents


Central Florida Intelligence Exchange (CFIX) has found that 79% of the shooters involved in killing sprees from 2011 - 2013 had some form of mental illness. I would say 100% as these are not the actions of sane people, even temporary illness or the inability to make rational thoughts .

The bloke who named his son Adolf Hitler and went to the custody hearing dressed like this is totally sane. He just hates Jews, Niggers, Gheys and people who wear spectacles but he's sane.  

Those who do not have any form of mental illness and who are obviously totally sane are people like Christopher Dorner who in 2013 killed 4 in a "work related" shooting and Michael Wade Page who killed 6 at a Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin which was only a "hate crime" because we all know that racists are sane rational people ..... these people are not crazy .... that's crazy! 

I think that as soon as you write a manifesto or plan to murder people you've boarded the train to crazy town ... I'd better write something about that. 

Seung-Hui Cho the Virginia Tech campus shooter who killed 32 people in 2007 was assessed by mental health professionals in 2005 as his room mate reported that he had threatened to kill himself . 

If only he had killed himself. Cho bluffed his way through the assessment and said he was joking. Cho had previously stated during telephone conversations with mental healthcare providers that he suffered from depression and anxiety but he was never treated. 

This cunt saunters into class with sunglasses and a hat on, gives the professors hassle and takes pictures of female student's legs in class, he definitely seemed angry as if he had things he wasn't dealing with very well, taking it out on others and blaming others (see Euro skeptics) is a classic sign. 

As with disgruntled employees and right wing racists, those with Aspergers are not classed as having a mental illness. 
Aspergers is no longer used in the medical profession, probably because too many people express traits of Aspergers when in reality they are just dull as fuck wankers.  

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the umbrella catch all name. Autism is not a mental illness, it's a disability. 
Yer brain just isn't wired the same as others and you tend to see things in black and white, good or bad and like a fly against a pane of glass, somethings just do not make sense to you. 

 Robin Thicke doesn't have ASD, he's just a dickhead and a wanna be rapist. 

Social cues are often missed, not in the way a gurl says no but Robin Thicke only hears yes and shags her whether she likes it or not but in the way that a hot gurl asks a guy out to go see a movie and the guy says, "No thanks that movie looks like it sucks" ...... maybe someday he figures it out. 

People with ASD often miss jokes and aren't sure if they should be offended or not ... how many times has Old Knudsen had to explain his comments to people?  "I didn't say you were a moronic cocksucker, I said you get on like a moronic cocksucker" aye people, it's not all about you.  

Trevor 'fucking' Phillips

Not to sound like a geezer who has never played a video game and who thinks that a haircut and army service cures all but Old Knudsen believes that social media and violent gaming harms the developing mind. 
Much like if kids watch violent movies from an early age they'll be aggressive noisy wee fuckers who think they can do something and walk away from it, like in the movies. 

When Old Knudsen plays GTA5 for any amount of time he does notice some changes and habits he has developed. 
When in the real world he'll react more than usual to police sirens, when he sees an armoured money van he wants to grab an RPG and rob it and driving on the left and the right becomes a little confusing.  
Killing hookers after they blow Old Knudsen is standard so don't go blaming video games on that. 

Old Knudsen recently bought Killzone 2 as it was on sale and he liked # 3 so he is honing his skills with intense shootouts and game provided combat buddies that keep getting him killed.... fucking useless twats.  

Social media can be a depressing place at times, do I want to click on animal abuse videos or read about children getting beat to death? Also how many times can Old Knudsen tells you that yer wrong before he gets bored?     

Too much information gets thrown at you with modern day technology, when you find yerself checking yer phone of yer FB wall 5 times a minutes then there is a problem. Old Knudsen watches movies or goes out and smells the flowers when he feels overwhelmed. 

How does a young man deal with this when he doesn't have the experience and knowledge to know what is happening to him and when his body is being flooded with hormones that already blur yer line of reasoning? 

Autism is a disability which doesn't mean it's an excuse, it means that you just have to try harder as with any disability. The thing you have to remember ... the most important thing in order to understand what those with Autism are faced with is - It's how they perceive it.  You might think nothing of a situation that has no effect on yer life but someone with Autism who sees it in a different way might be falling to pieces over it and getting stressed out to the point of meltdown. 
Scott Evans Dekraai killed 8 in Seal Beach Callyfornia in 2011

So the shootings that are not hate crimes, work or money related and aren't carried out by those with ASD are usually done by the real loonies. People like Scott Evans Dekraai who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or others with Paranoid Schizophrenia or Dysphoric Mania account for the other shooters.
They are the ones who the public don't have too much of a problem with because there is not so much to figure out.... he was crazy, end of story.  We don't find out about many of the shooter's mental health issues as many have not been treated and the shooter ends up dead without giving much of a reason.

Elliot Roger who recently killed 6 people in Callyfornia was a 22 year-old who had Autism. He had a well off family and lacked for nothing, being able to travel the world, attend fancy schools and red carpet movie premieres with his director father he didn't have the one thing though and it was a thing that he really needed and that was affection and love from his family.

His aunt who had only met him 3 times felt qualified to refer to him as being extremely sick, she backed this up by saying he had no support network and never had any friends, he folded clothes repeatedly as a young child and was on medication ..... well it's lucky that she never became an NHS Doctor.
So the signs were all there, the repeated folding of clothes. That doesn't mean yer sick and about to kill weemen for not wanting you, that's something you do when stressed. His aunt lives in France, and who the fuck in their right mind would live in France?

With family like her we can see how Elliot was raised.  

Always sitting on the edge of life, never joining in. 

When a boy has Autism, his immediate family have to do things and employ certain strategies to lessen his fear of the world and to help him adjust. Medication is not the answer. The early years are the most important ones as that is when he learns the most about what life is.

I wonder how life with Hollywood stars effects a boy like him, if he didn't have an unrealistic view of the world then life in Hollywood would really screw you up. Elliot never appears happy in pictures and prefers to hid behind big sunglasses and pout with yon blow job lips ..... like some movie star. 

Why didn't he tell gurls that his da was a movie maker? if that doesn't get you yer hole as you tell them about the Hunger games premiere then nothing will. Did he even like gurls .... who knows? 

He was obsessed about being 22 and still a virgin, now the headlines are 'Virgin killer kills six' ... ouch, time for a face palm? 

Elliot's father Peter, wasn't just a movie director, he was a photographer just like his own father was. While his father George Roger took pictures of the D-day landing and the liberation of Bergen Belsen Peter, took pictures of weemen's arses
Odd how this would be his preferred subject and odd how Elliot saw weemen as things to order about or to be killed if they didn't do as expected. 
Elliot wasn't full of himself, sure he thought he was better than others as he came from a old English family but he had doubts that he'd measure up. Regaining his families fortune they had lost during the depression was his way of judging worth. 
Adam Lanza is a similar case to Elliot Roger, besides having a father named Peter they were loners with everything they ever needed in life except being understood.  Adam's father had not seen his son for 2 years before Adam's shooting rampage at Sandy Hook killing 27. Now Peter Lanza calls his son evil and wishes that he had never been born, sounds like someone is projecting for their own failure as a parent.

It's easy to blame the parents and in many cases a child can have a perfect upbringing and still turn out to be a total cunt. Elliot and Adam's cases seem very straight forward and constant travel and an unstable family unit with very little understanding seems to be the cause of things.  

Autistic children need data, they are like computers and like computers their data does get corrupted from time to time, put that with the American gun culture and you have young men playing Call of duty in real life.
I doubt the founding fathers meant for this with the second amendment but gun owners aren't listening because it doesn't suit them. 
Reporters asking 'was there an AR-15?' during each press meeting doesn't help either. 

America isn't dealing with ASD very well which is why many preferred the name Aspergers. If you can't mainstream in life and education you'd get a label and end up being educated with the kids who bang their heads off walls and lick windows ..... that does no good for those who are higher functioning. Canada and the UK has better services for children with ASD than the US has and we're socialist cuntries. 

Like I said, ASD isn't an excuse but understanding why mass murderers do what they do is very important so others don't fall through the cracks and yes, like it or not easy access to firearms isn't helping. 

Monday, 26 May 2014

The Future Starts Here

Remember when Nigel Farage became the Lord protector of the United Kningdom? Aye that was a dark time in our history with the border wall stretching from Land's end to John O'Groats. Northern Ireland became a resource for England with wind turbines and fracking, also for poisoned post apocalyic wasteland sets for movies. The saying was, "The only good Irishman was one who wasn't in England."
The population grew old as fewer and fewer children were born, only white people with money could take advantage of the government fertility treatments as we had a nation to protect. Non-white people did have their place in the UK but not a public one.

Swearing allegiance to UKIP and doing what you were told or the secret police would make you vanish .... oh of course you don't remember all this, it hasn't happened yet what am I thinking?

Even though Old Knudsen didn't get as much as a thank you when he time traveled and killed Hitler he decided to do it again with Farage. If Old Knudsen hadn't killed Hitler in 1945 you lot would have been speaking German as the aliens directing his moves were about to join in.

So off Old Knudsen went back many years to 2010 and he shot doon Nige's plane. How was Old Knudsen to know he had a spell of mystical protection around him? Fucking wizards, I hate em!

Sorry folks, I only delayed it for a few years. The thing I like most about time travel is having a threesome with my present day self.

When cuntries are in recession you really get to see the true colour of the people. Always looking for scapegoats to blame and willing to believe anything rather than manning up. How else could a genocidal maniac like Hitler get elected? or even the empty promise maker Obama?

GMO foods. Who cares huh? Well you should. Never mind about the government taking yer guns, gheys getting married or the climate changing .... again, you should be worried about the future of food and fresh water and if you'll have any in the future.

Grain has been manipulated by humans for over 7,000 years, it needed to be changed as there wasn't that much on the stalk of wild wheat. Hybridization isn't the same as genetically altering wheat but it has still been tampered with. 
When we learned to grow grain we developed as a society. We no longer had to depend on hunting and foraging, we could keep food stored over the winter rather than salting what meat you had and hoping for the best. We were able to evolve with our newly found free time.

What would happen if we didn't have grains?

We'd have to go back to hunting and since there are not enough animals to hunt we'd have to hunt .... humans. Or we could start farming dogs and cats to eat, fuck yer cute Facebook memes, now you can Instagram yer dinner and yer pet at the same time.

One of the little known up sides to GM food (depends how you look at it) is that it lowers the fertility rates after the first generation. Scientists have noticed this in mice and Monkeys etc. While experts say that GM foods are more nutritious than natural foods it's a wonder that humans have so many cancers and gluten problems.
The hormone disruption isn't hidden, it's just not talked about very much and remember that cattle have been eating GM food for decades so it's well in the food chain. 

These are no doubt the same experts who put High fructose corn syrup into our food and drinks and subsidize farmers to not grow grain and vegetables but to instead grow corn. When Old Knudsen returned to the UK from the US he noticed that he had less stomach issues as soft drinks here still have real sugar in them as does much of the food. It's still better out than in though ... good arse, I thought you were dead.

Mark my words, High fructose corn syrup is a silent state sanctioned killer. What has all this got to do with Farage? His ilk are just one step away from setting up a Thunder dome where only the white people can enter and can leave.
Too much still rides on the alleged problems of climate change and quick easy fixes like GM foods. Then you have cunts trying to talk you into a cheap and easy fuel like Fracking 2-8 million gallons of water may being used to frack a well, using up clean water like it's a renewable resource, for each of those wells 80-300 tons of chemicals are used, it's as if uncontaminated soil is a renewable resource too.
Some of the chemicals used are benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene, they don't just vanish, once you frack they are in the ground, seeping into the water table. 

So we poison the food, the water and the ground used to grow food,not to mention the air with our fumes, can this go on forever?  What is the use for cancer research when the things that cause our cancers continue to kill us?  The bigger picture people!
Only folk with money and connections have any place in the future, our civil liberties are being strangled each day in the name of security, the government can't trust us but they tell us to trust them.

I don't like people knowing everything about me or where I am at any given time but that is our future, being fed on a diet of poison, lies and fear.  
People fear that unborn children will get human status without having taken a breath, that would undermine abortion. People fear having to register their firearms as that would lead to suspicion and worse .... a tax. People also fear immigration control because new laws usually fuck good people over and where will all these new laws stop? You give them an inch and they take a mile.

Humans are their own worse enemy, they believe themselves to be superior because they can kill better and because they are so much more than just mere filthy animals cos they drink Latte's and can use tools such as iPeds and pods. 
Humans believe they know what God wants, how arrogant can you get? With this attitude is it any wonder they can put an ear onto the back of a mouse and think that it makes them a god? 

Never trust a scientist and their mutating neutrinos. 30 years ago we were told of an ice-age, now we are told of a global warming that has now just become some vague climate change. Aye, buy stocks in Heinz baked beans, they are the true winners in all of this. 

 You heard about the Orange Order pig hybrid program on this blog.

Scientists and their witchcraft want to genetically alter cloned pigs in order to have replacement parts for humans and they want to have cows that give out milk similar to human titty milk ... breast milk I think they call it. Spider goats and glow in the dark cats .... WTF? 

Fucking scientist virgin nerds, if yer going to do this shit then do it cool. Make weemen with extra vadges so they can fuck up their feet in killer fuck me pumps and then you can fuck up their feet. 

It isn't surprising that we are getting animal/human hybrids being born. In Ballymena the locals feel the compulsion to say "hey" at the end of sentences, like the Canadian "eh" except in Ballymena it starts out in the young people as a bleat, they say "baa" the schools have been covering up the sheep sex scandals for decades now by training the children to say "hey" instead of "baa." 

The media have been teaching the sheeple that animal hybrids can be ok and too just accept them.   
We mourn the loss of Jamie Bryson's love child. What happens in Bangor needs to stay there.

The world reached it's 7 billionth person in 2011 and now the world's population is 7.165 billion. How long will it take to notice a decline in the birthrate? You probably won't overall. The main decline will be mostly seen by traditionally white nations as their population gets older and the darkies within their cuntry breed faster. The old white people in charge will become angry and defensive, eventually closing it's borders in a suicidal act to avoid change. You can be black and British but the old cracker guard don't like that. 

The world will keep producing babies but mostly in developing worlds such as China and India, even with China's one child policy their population is still exploding, 17% of the world lives in India, 19% in China. 
4.44% of the world lives in the US and 2.4% in Russia. The US have Hispanics doing the outbreeding though going by the TV you'd think it was black people. 
Also considering that the whole of Europe only makes up 11% of the world's population you can see what I mean about the old white birth decline, being white was a genetic aberration and it looks like nature is trying to fix it.     

With China's yearning to expand throughout the world and India's rape problem it isn't difficult to see who our new overlords will be. This frightens the white people in their insular worlds being invaded by others with new languages and new ways and people like Nigel Farage and many others they will exploit that. 
Make them speak English! make them eat shitty traditional foods! 
Enjoy the future, it is unfriendly and hazardous to yer health..... like now but with flying cars an shit.   

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday Fleshtation


Well hello Sunday lovers, yer weekly dose of adult fleshtation to ensure you don't go molesting any kids ... I know what yer like so don't bother denying it.
I have no idea why she is so happy but doesn't this picture make you want to smile even more than that idiot Happy song?  ... clap along.
Yer about to go to church and you realise yer dick has fallen off .... DAMN YOU GOD!!!! oh and then you remember that yer a hot chick. Happens all the time.
Not wanting to be accused of being misogynistic by some woman who should be doing the dishes or something here is a hot man for you. Remember folks, real men have curves.
Maybe I should just stick to pictures of weemen, all that ghey porn tends to confuse Old Knudsen and makes him question things. The lad in the picture is probably not ghey at all, but cos he looks ghey he's probably British .
And back to being happy again.
When I see pictures like this I always have a good look at what is in the room. The cut outs on the wall are all beauty tips but I don't see anything about shaving yer minge. 
On this one Old Knudsen was just too stunned by the overall impact, what a sexy duvet. 
I gave the ghey porn another go, seems I'm getting used to it. Now I'm off to get me a body like this, I'll try doon at 24 hour Fitness, "excuse me mister, would you smell my napkin."
I'll think about it.