Thursday, 24 April 2014

Ulster Is So Ghey

At a round'a'bout in Newtownabbey there is a big white pointy phalis pointing to the sky. I have always marveled at Northern Ireland's subconscious phallobilia but now it cannot be ignored. 

For the bicycle race, Giro D'Italia, things are being painted pink in it's honour. Why do I have to be painted pink ...... because yer a faggot ~ Reservoir Dags.

So the big white penis substitute will now be pink. Oh and it's slightly tilted, a bit like Bill Clinton's cock.    
I would say that the men of Northern Ireland are so confident in their sexuality that they are able to do this .... except for how they treat weemen and gheys, and also how they want to ride their mammys and live with them forever.

Old Knudsen's Ma is premo BTW. 

Nope, the men of Ulster are so firmly in the closet that their nearest shops are in Narnia.  They'll deny it of course, that's one of the telltale signs.  Soon they'll be making giant bonfires, bigger than yers in order to prove their manhood to each other.  

Ach it's all so angry and ghey.

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