Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Stroke It

So next week is Stroke Awareness Week, get aware and stroke yerself silly cos.....

The week after that is Stroke Prevention Week, ugh...

Dear Mr Knudsen

I am writing concerning your insensitive remarks regarding strokes. My beloved father passed away last year after suffering a stroke and my mother is currently in hospital re-learning how to speak after a nasty stroke.

A stroke is a very scary and stressful event, worse if you lose a family member to one. Not a moment goes by when I don't think about my father and the birdhouse we made together when I was a child or the amazing fort he made for my toy soldiers out of cereal boxes and hobo skin. 

My mother is what has kept my family together and insensitive remarks from online trolls such as you do not help. 


Angry in London. 

Dear Angry in London, what are you trying to say? my critical thinking is very poor cos of the Sinestro I'm taking for my depression. Is it that I'm sorta like a father figure to you? ach I'm touched but it looks like yer a bit of a jinx so stop e-mailing me.

Have this lassie's boobs uncovered, "Ramming speed" Hope you have a stroke of good luck.

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