Friday, 11 April 2014

PSNI Issued With Chinese Guns

PSNI ghetto bird has lovely plumage.

Coming up to the weekend and Old Knudsen expects to hear the sound of  the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) Eurocopter or Eurotrash as Old Knudsen calls it flying around giving air support to police on the ground as they raid hooses for criminals who thought they got away with shit. 

An arresting sight, sorry what, my sandwich is over there? Yer legs aren't broken, go and fetch it then.

An annoying thing that the PSNI do is not to arrest people at the scene of the crime if it's a riot or something. If they do arrest anyone it's because the criminal either threw themselves at their handcuffs or begged for it. 
They take video of everyone and try to figure out who these people are later, everyone knows each other in Northern Ireland as it's just like living in a small town, same attitudes too. 
So you'll get people being arrested maybe up to 3 months later if they think it's a highly volatile situation that could upset the peace process or upset the criminals as being rude to them is a violation of their human rights.... well that's what it seems like. 

 The porn mustache has been popular for decades in Northern Ireland, seen here in 1996. 

Back in the day pre 1998 peace agreement which got the majority of British troops out of Northern Ireland and disbanded the then police force the RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) in favour of the now PSNI we had a police force that did not take any shit. 

The RUC were mostly Protestant and many of them were bias against Catholics which is why we got rid of them. The PSNI still gets a lot of the shit the RUC got which shows you can't please everyone. Back then the weemen didn't have firearms as they only recruited big beefy leezer types. There weren't very many weemen in the police .... no shit, maybe it was a lack of guns and an environment of sexism. 

If you called the RUC out to a disturbance, anyone thinking about causing trouble found somewhere else to be, the police would grab troublemakers and take them in just so they could slap them about to deter their criminal ways. 
Now the PSNI ask people politely to behave. With the bigotry also went the balls. The modern day police farce is young men and weemen with too much sensitivity training and very little police training.     

Look, they threw a patrol bomb at Tom, how rude, someone should do something.

Every time there is some civil unrest (every other week) the news reports how 3 or so officers were hurt during violence, never if any criminals were hurt. I suspect they feel the need to justify arresting people as destroying property and attacking the police is normal Northern Ireland behaviour. Even arresting people isn't what it seems. 
It sounds good but in Northern Ireland arresting people means they have just brought them in for questioning they are not actually charged with anything. They'll probably release them after a few hours. 

Old Knudsen found out something else. The reason they never use their sidearms is because they have been issued with toy guns. The LAPD will shoot you for jay-walking for fucks sake but the PSNI never shoot anyone, they won't even fire a warning shot when surrounded by an armed angry mob, well the bullet might hit a bird or something which would upset the environmentalists. 

Using a taser or pepper spray will more likely get the officer into trouble than the criminal.

Some of the officers are cunning enough to remove the orange tip or use a sharpie on it to colour it black but there are other ways in telling if they are using a fake gun or not. 

So next time you see a police officer and you ask them if you can handle their guns and they say no ... now you know why. 


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