Thursday, 10 April 2014

Not Very Smart

Smart cars look so ghey, which is no doubt why the craze of tipping them has taken off in San Francisco of all places . Up to 8 hooded youths were seen tipping over one car with at least 3 getting done around the city in one night.

Americans like tipping things, it's written in their constitution "Every man shall have the right to pursue happiness like tipping shit and having guns of any size and caliber with no record of owning them an thing and shall be free unless the government wants to spy on them" very inspiring words.

Americans are a strange people and like to tip things like cows, ancient free standing rocks and old people.

 A tipping crowd gathers around Stephen Hawking.

In the 90's there was a craze to tip famous people in wheel chairs, Stephen Hawking used to get very irate but his mechanical swearing only amused the crowds more. "Fuck off you cunt knockers or I shall create a wormhole and end your pathetic existence." ..... did ya read that in a mechanical voice?

Obama indulging in the old ice cubes doon yer back prank.

The craze for tipping Smart cars goes back to 2005 when in the Netherlands some rascals would tip them into canals ..... how funny can you get? Yer trying to get ahead in life and so got a small car that takes up less fuel and someone dumps it into a canal hahahaha, see the funny side ya smug little car fuckers.
At least in SF they only scratch yer lights and fuck up yer paint hahaha! 

Environmentally friendly gangstas keeping it real.

It used to be that people would get amusement from lifting VW bugs and placing them somewhere else but now a more ridiculous and smaller car is the brunt of the pranks. Fuck yer insurance! Why aren't people keying Audi's and BMW's? leave the small cheap cars alone ya dicks. 

When Old Knudsen sees a Smart car he does two things, he says, "well that doesn't look very intelligent" and he sings circus clown music. 

Eight people to lift a Smart car .... pah! No wonder some students have cum up with an exoskeleton arm that can lift heavy weights, now the average wimp can be as strong as Old Knudsen. Now listen youths of America and elsewhere, respect other people's property or I'll find ya and I will cut you. 


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