Thursday, 24 April 2014

Kim Jong-un Shaves Head For Charity

Tensions are growing between North Korea and a London hair dresser M&M Hair Academy over a mocking poster of their supreme leader that appeared in their window. 

It seems that the North Korean Embassy is only 2 minutes away and this insult was noticed. Little men with slitty eyes demanded that the manager Mo Nabbach remove the disrespectful poster. They were told that this was England not North Korean init so sling yer ook ..... they speak funny doon there.

Despite support for Kim Jong un from many of the Hollywood elite such as Brad Pitt, Ragnar Lothbrok, Jennifer Lawrence and Danny DeVito, the hair salon remains defiant.

After a round of tough sanctions against M&M Hair Academy a news report from Pyongyang saying that London might be destroyed by the greatness of North Korea was not released as Kim was too busy in his WOARRR room.

In North Korea the people are only allowed state sanctioned hair cuts with 18 styles of weemen and 10 for men. It is thought that Kim wants thousands of his people to have the same hair cut in order to confuse would be assassinations from the West as they all look alike ....

Of course this is not very well thought through as Kim, who was the fat kid at school is now the only fat person in his cuntry.    
The Ministry of State Security are watching the hair dressing shop with faces of impotent rage hoping that someday that the manager Mo Nabbach will have a brain fart and wish to vacation in North Korea at some time in the future.

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