Thursday, 3 April 2014

Irish Drink And Irish Drive ... Get Over It

Father Sean P. Thomson, a University of Alaska Fairbanks parish priest got pulled over (in his car) by some Nazi pig state troopers for merely weaving from side to side and for doing 79 mph in a 65 mph zone.
For fucks sake! why don't you go and do some real police work, is what he was doing even illegal? The Pope stole a rosary off a dead body, go get him.

The harassing officers (obviously sectarian) clocked him as being 3 times over the alcohol limit and found some marajuna in his hoodie pocket. If he was Jewish they would have let him off you know, the Jews run everything.
They then asked him the vastly inappropriate question of 'do you have any weapons in the car?' suggesting that he was some kind of gang banger or something, he told them about the .357 on the back seat but didn't realise it was a trick question and they also wanted to know about the 9 mil in his back pocket which he didn't mention.

It may be in the car but it's more in his pocket than his car.

Fucking peelers huh, working for Obama to take the guns away from the people, even respected pillars of the community like Father Thompson. He later admitted that he was drunk though refused to give any further tests, he was more relieved that he had just dumped the naked dead altar boy out of his boot 10 minutes before ..... that could have been embarrassing.

Being Irish and drunk is a part of the Irish charm, as is beating yer wife,  molesting yer children and being angry all the time. Old Knudsen recently read the sad story about drunk driver who knocked doon and killed a woman who was walking home late at night. He only got 4 years in prison which the family were outraged about. Ach sure it was the drink's fault , potato potato!

The there were the two young men whose lives were lost when one of them lost control of the car he was driving and crashed through some fences and turned over. A terrible tragedy made worse because it was the morning of Mothering Sunday.

The two men in their 20's and loved cars, and according to the Belfast Telegraph they both went to school .... no idea why their schools were mentioned but I know I'll be applying at Muldoon Transport Systems for a job.  They both shared a love of motorsport and well who expects to crash at 4am on a Sunday morning?
One of their Facebook pages must be open as pics of cars and their LIKES were available for the amazing investigative reporters at the Bel Tel to look at ..... boring.

How to get information like schools and employment without going to the relatives. What no duck faces? 

Ok, Old Knudsen calls bullshit. Two racer boys die in an early morning car crash after a night out, why isn't it presented like this? Sure it's bad for their family and friends but seriously? What about the two gardens that got wrecked and had two dead bodies lying on? A 40 metre trail of destruction, just how fast was he going?

If racer boys are going to burn up the cuntry roads like this then well they can expect to die at some point, it's common sense.

Don't present this story as a tragic loss of life without stating the obvious facts that racer boys are stupid reckless cunts.

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