Monday, 7 April 2014

I Believe That Retards Are The Future

While IBM are researching the use of computers that are cooled and powered by a type of electronic blood, scientists at the Sanford lab tech facility in Baltimore have been producing electrical equipment that is powered by human blood.

The implanted Tainterface that is powered by the human bodies own oxygen and glucose supplies has been around for a few years. Now what scientists are planning is to use people to power up long life batteries as used in lap tops and cell phones.
Blood power can have medical uses such as to power pace makers and penile implants but with blood powered batteries or blatteries we can now have a safe, green and plentiful alternative energy source.

Professor Willard at Sanford was the first to produce a laptop battery that lasted 2 hours and says that soon he'll be able to triple that output or more.  These blatteries will be rechargeable and inexpensive with someday customers being able to use their own blood to charge them when needed.

Republican senator Dick Richards of Illinois is a fan of Bio-energy. "Imagine harnessing the energy of the 6 billion people on Earth, everyone would have a purpose in life, even old people and retards."

Richards who sits on the board of directors of the Sanford lab tech facility which uses the Slogan 'Creating a more productive future' has put forward the idea that people on Welfare can show their appreciation of having received public aid and can pay their own way by spending 2 hours a day charging up blatteries to be sold in order to stimulate the economy.

It was Richards who introduced the Welfare recipient tracking chip in 2013, allowing the government to track job hunters and making sure that they are actually out looking for work and that black people with criminal records and low IQ are staying away from the homes of affluent white people.   

Richards believes that in the not too distant future, countries around the world can exchange charged up blatteries for foreign aid, "Even starving Africans with aids can be useful and it's 100% safe for the end user"  says the enthused senator.

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