Friday, 11 April 2014

George W Bush Paints Jesus

George W Bush recently surprised everyone with his intimate portraits of world leaders copied from Goggle search results. Who would have guessed he was sooo deep?    

He has now unveiled another portrait just in time for Easter of another friend, Jesus H Christ. Just look at the compassion and the pain captured in the eyes. This face almost speaks to you from 2000 years ago saying, "I died for yer sins whether you like it or not, fuck my neck is sore ow."

Painting portraits almost makes you forget how he ruined America's economy, got her into two un-winnable wars that has killed many of America's young people, not to mention the torture camps, the Haliburton embezzlement and shitting on the rights of the American people which continues today ..... almost.

Bathed in a glow of righteousness, curious George still lives in his elitist bubble and signs his pictures '43' in case you had forgotten he was once important.  

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