Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Geep Is The Work Of Satan

Framer Brown from County Kildare .... where ever the fuck that is has a living abomination on his farm. One day while in his wellies fucking his livestock he noticed his goat Billy was copying him. He thought nothing of it as it wasn't doing all of his sexy moves.

Later a lamb with the characteristics of a goat was born. They are rare and sometimes medium rare as the genetic divide between sheep and goats is distant ....... that's according to scientist farmers but they look and feel similar to Old Knudsen.  These creatures are usually stillborn or don't live for long.

   Durty hoor of a sheep mother.

Since they are so rare and over done the name they have cum up with is geep ... sheet, shoat or shat would have been better. That sheep looks familiar. Is County Kildare one of those counties in Ulster like Tyrone or Armagh? ya know, those farmy type ones no one gives a fuck about?

I'm sure gentleman farmer the noted creationist and health minister Edwin Poots thinks as I and that this is the work of the Devil since genetics doesn't exist. It has to be Satan as it's black .... no offence to any Negroes reading this is a religious matter not a racial one. The Geep has longer legs than most sheep which means it can run from Christian mobs and it has horns about to pop up. 

Burn it! well braise it with some tatties and mint sass .... Old Knudsen is hungry and horny all of a sudden. Talk about blurred lines. 

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