Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Food Hamper For The Pope

The Pope trying to look impressed.

The Queen and her undead husband prince Philip stopped in to visit the Pope last week. I have no idea why as we got rid of the Catholic church as a major religion during the reign of Henry VIII. It's probably to fill him in on Northern Ireland as he may be visiting here later in the year. "It's horrible and the people are so common."

The Royal couple couldn't be arsed thinking of a nice gift .... there's a recession on you know, so they filled a hamper with whatever shit they had still sitting in their pantry from Christmas. 

"Well I wouldn't eat this jam as if gives me wind but you have more catholic tastes."   

The Pope just looked on with a fixed,  bemused grin as they talked up their British type produce. The British are famous for their cuisine. People all over the world when faced with what to have for dinner say, "fancy getting a British tonight?" ... like never. 

While the adults spoke to each other the prince sat trying his best not to tells jokes with the words pedo or taig in them.

The Pope who is promoting an image less luxurious than other Popes met the Royals in rooms filled with tapestries, gold leafed furniture topped with marble ..... just like normal people have in their homes. 

Also like normal people he gave them a gift of a useless but expensive looking orb for their new grandchild ..... cos that's what every baby needs right?  He was all out of Frankenstein and myrrrrrrh. 

Reminds me of when the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave Obama an ornamental pen holder made from the timbers of the Victorian anti-slave ship HMS Gannet (cos hes black like) and Obama gave him the gift of 25 DVD's that probably couldn't even be played on British DVD machines.

Have the Brits just given up giving thoughtful gifts?

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