Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Flight MH 370 was Abducted By Nazis

You maybe wondering what happened to Flight MH 370, Old Knudsen was a security consultant for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for a time and he is willing to lend his professional knowledge to this case. Wreckage has been found but where is the rest?

To remind you all it was Old Knudsen who told authorities that in 2001, Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 was crashed and that it's hot, old and fat passengers were all living on a tropical island but in a dead kind of way ..... Old Knudsen is never wrong.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 had it's transponder turned off , this was obviously done to divert the plane to somewhere else and remain unseen. It's a massive area and even a plane can be lost out there. The plane later popped up on military radar off  Malaysia’s west coast and then went out of range again .

If a plane didn't want to be found then it makes sense to fly out to sea where there is no radar coverage. The one thing we do know is that radar was invented by a Brit to defend Britain against the Nazis, so maybe the Nazis are responsible? ha ha ha you fucking amateur what crazy talk you do cum up with.

I tried to help the Malaysian authorities but their strict religious codes etc prevented them from discussing whether or not the female passengers had good child bearing hips, ya know, something to grab a hold of, DETAILS ARE IMPORTANT!!!!!

So, terrorist attack or piracy is what we are looking at. The crazy ideas that the plane had landed and was being hidden by foreign governments was merely some disinformation put out there to guide yer prejudices. 

Here is what most likely happened to the 239 souls aboard Flight MH 370.

Aliens! hence my interest in hips.

Many are willing to believe in alien abduction rather than some ragheaded cunts with box cutters.The amount of idiot stories cum from the Bermuda triangle yet still no photographic proof.

Or we can just blame it on Jazz, who hasn't wanted to rip someone's throat out after hearing some free style? 
Did you know that Hitler was a Jazz lover? for fucks sake stop trying to make the Nazi connection ...

The crew and passengers of flight MH 370 are on a tropical island being attacked polar bears because they cannot deal with their issues from their pasts.
Some news outlets just shrug and say, 'we'll never know the truth' but someone knows what happened. It seems to be a pretty useless attempt at terrorism which resulted in 239 people dying. If God had meant for us to fly he wouldn't have invented box cutters.  



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