Friday, 4 April 2014

Fairies Are Real!

A typical female sexy fairy, who would have thought it but the nerds jerking off to these images were right. 

Fairies are real, not poofs or turd pushers but little flying things like wot Tinkerbell is. John Hyatt from Lancashire has taken photos of them .... checks that it's not still April 1st, so aye, ya have to believe a photo ..... just believeeeeeeeee.

Fairies flying about just having fun. Mr Hyatt is the Director of Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design at Manchester Metropolitan University and insists he does not have a drug problem.

I can stop taking drugs anytime I want,  I just don't want too.

You'd think he could get a better photo with yon camera, one that isn't blurred and all vague like. 

A fan of the movie Epic, Mr Hyatt says, " I just want to catch a few and maybe put them into a glass tumbler and make them undress and do things to each other."

England is full of delusional junkies .... just sayin like. Phyllis Bacon, hmmm bacon, took this picture of a late night fairy in her London garden in 2009 as it bounced repeatedly off her window. 

Ken Dhall took this picture of fairies in 2010 ...... ok this one might be made up by me. 

Not wanting to be left out Old Knudsen went on the search for fairies and found them, you can see them amongst this swarm of mosquitoes if you squint and the light catches their legs at the right time.

Here is a close up of a fairy just before Old Knudsen introduced it to his shoe. Who hasn't day dreamed of raping Tinkerbell with a matchstick? 

Really people, fairies ? Isn't this kind of story supposed to cum from America? It shows you that just because yer a university lecturer you don't have to be particularly bright or sane, or maybe yer having a laugh .... a not very funny one like what Russians and Germans have. 

Mosquitoes, Lacewings whatever, if you catch them in the light at not too much of a close up with a blurry picture then you'll have fairies, seriously man, spray the fuckers and get some bodies cos Old Knudsen doesn't believe you. 

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