Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Dead Popes = Miracles

Kill them all and let Gog sort out her own. 

 If John Paul got yer ring it would be kept a secret from the world... his precious.  
The Vatican decided that Popes John XXIII and John Paul II are to be saints, which is like Batman but with super powers, except dead. Funny that you can't do miracles until yer dead huh.

Can Old Knudsen be allowed to call bullshit? Why yes he can. Allegedly curing weemen who are confirmed Catholic gog bothers of some illnesses are not miracles.... Wha??? but it was in the news and the doctors said ...... well ya know where I don't go if I have a brain aneurysm? Costa fucking Rica and the Antrim hospital, that's where. 

If yer Costa Rican doctors suggest that you go to Mexico for treatment then they are just having a laugh. Ok here are yer options, go to either Mexico or Cuba for treatment or I can just give you some aspirin and send you home, I've no idea how long you have left, you'll have to ask a doctor or the gurl at reception. 

 Sister Cristina Scuccia singing Papa don't preach on The Voice .... Italy.

As for curing a nun of Parkinson's disease, nuns are notorious liars and fakers, ask any nun... er one. 

How many times do we have to see the pictures of yon woman who burned her hand, then prayed and she posted a pic of her healed hand all better?  wow, I wonder how she did that.  
Here is a picture of Old Knudsen with a black eye after that misunderstanding at the library about taking books to use in his budgie's cage..... Stephen King is the best for this.  

After praying to Gog for 5 minutes solid his black eye has gone.

A miracle you may say, or perhaps merely the miracle of truth manipulation, a subject Old Knudsen has studied at great length. 
So the Vatican which needs 2 miracles per Pope has given John XXIII, sainthood for curing Sister Caterina Capitani of an alleged cancerous tumor in her stomach in 2000. 

John XXIII only needed one miracle since he was the spitting double of Telly Savalas which in the Catholic church is a sign from God. 

Then it gives Pope John Paul II the credit for curing Sister Marie Simon-Pierre of alleged Parkinson's disease in 2005 and curing Floribeth Mora Diaz from an alleged brain aneurysm in 2011. 

I say alleged because it could have just all been misdiagnosed cases of the clap, you know what doctors are like. Who wants Catholicism to be holy and mysterious any more than yon Stockholm syndrome bints who like to be told their place as either a virgin, mother or hoor?  Never just as people.
"If I wanted yer opinion on which birth control you should use I'd ask bitch" ~ Pope John Paul II

Heal a Muslim or Atheist, that would be a real miracle not some brainwashed placebo miracle ........ what about someone with visible ailments like this Jehovah's Witness who wouldn't get treatment because his mum didn't believe in it. Where are you John Paul, yer our only hope cos medical science is the Devil's work. 
Aye religion is great, they say every sperm is sacred but I bet even as popes they still wiped off on the curtains. 

One of Pope John XXIII's lesser known miracles was when he got lost, rather than asking for directions he prayed to Gog before he preyed on the young...... who loves ya baby? 

You cynics might say that these men are getting their saint on because they helped to install Vatican 2 which was to bring the Catholic church more into the modern day with less Latin, total condemnation of all other faiths and the famous stick together when sticking it to the boys ideas. Four of those involved in Vat II became Popes, including the Ratzinger who was a Nazi during World War II .... well he fucking well was, had the wee mustache and everything.

Right place and the right connections huh boys?

Holy shit!

John Paul II would have had 3 miracles. One time when he was staying at a friend's house he was accused of pooing on the toilet seat and bunging up the bog like an Irishman, being a proud Pollack/pollock .... from Poland, he denied doing it saying that it can't be his as his stuff don't stink and thus he was visited by the holy ghost as no one else was in the house.

In the real world many companies or banks give their CEO's and other managers large bonus' never minding if they had to lay of hundreds of workers or have lost profits.

The cold steel look that has bent many a young boy's will ..... allegedly.

The Catholic church may behave like a business though it is actually a cult and with being in the business of  the cult of personality, you may get the big pay offs like being protected from prosecution or being made bishop or pope with yer every need catered to. You don't even have to do yer job well you'll  become immortalized and worshiped after death, the church will of course own all the money made from yer image and that is yer big bonus. 

Now as for the Catholic bishops who are putting pressure onto Northern Ireland politicians to vote against ghey marriage here, why don't you want equality you elitist cunts?  Cardinal Sean Brady who was famous for silencing victims of pedo priests was the note taker for these bishops...  good man, a future pope maybe?

In the letter they cited Pope Francis' view that the only suitable environment for children is having a mother and father.  They seem to think it's the best and ideal place for children, and they would know.

Last year the vote  was rejected by 53 votes to 42. Lets see if Old Knudsen's nagging has paid off.

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