Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Christians Do Love To Brag

David Cameron the fat headed baby man looks like MODOK.

David Cameron the Prime Minister of the UK said that Britain is a Christian nation and should be confident in showing it. 
Cameron is going by the 2011 census that has 59% of people from England and Wales describing themselves as Christian.... worried for yer children yet? 

So Cameron is not only excluding and belittling those of other or no religion but those in Scotland and Northern Ireland too, what, don't our figures count? 

50 people who think they have some clout including authors, journalists and TV presenters .... oh and a philosopher whatever the fuck that is signed an open letter in the Daily Telegraph stating that Britain is too diverse to be called Christian and even if it was it wasn't cool to be going around saying it like a fat headed baby man. 

Citing a YouGov poll, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said that 65% of people questioned described themselves as "not religious", while 29% were from various faiths. 

Considering there was a drop in 4 million from the 2001 census saying they were Christian, Old Knudsen doesn't believe 59%, even if it were true you might just as well call them cunts as real Christians who follow the teachings of Christ rather than just wear a cross and looking doon on people are few and far between.     

Fuck off Cameron, yer views are elitist and out of date. Yes the UK does have the church of England as it's state sanctioned religion but that is so Henry VIII. Live up to the alleged values of Christianity instead of lying and scheming yer way around the world. 
 David Cameron at the U.N.

Being Christian, being white and being English doesn't make you better than everyone else and you don't have to assert it or push it in anyone's face like a tiny flaccid penis, if you were a real Christian people would know it by yer acts and how you live.  

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