Sunday, 6 April 2014

Amazeballs Sunday

 Are you sure it's Sunday? It still tastes like Saturday.


You pedos are going to have to earn yer conversion to adults, click bitch, click it.


Did you click it? do we really get full resolution in life? Ever worry that the secrets in yer head will be opened to you on yer death bed moments before you cark it?


Oh I'm sorry, having a moment there, ok then. Stop looking at the kiddies and look at this you religious types.
 Look what I found lol!

Some of you might see that as a bad thing while others see it as an opportunity to widen yer horizons amongst other things. 

Hold on a minute I had a fuck to give now where did I put it?

Are tan lines supposed to be sexy? You can't achieve an all over tan, wow you must be sexy. Luckily this lady can pull them off so to speak.
I'm not sure where you are going with this I just want to see what's next before I pour bleach into my eyes and start cutting myself.
Expect the unexpected!

Except then if you expect it then it isn't unexpected so keep yer power dry, carry a big stick and catchy monkey with honey.

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