Saturday, 5 April 2014

A Gun From America

Drew Nelson the Grand Secretary Wizard of the Orange Order (Christian hate group) has demanded a meeting with the American Consul in Northern Ireland. Why? you must ask, is he trying to become a US citizen?

It's because that over half of firearms used by the IRA  which  killed Orange Order members during the Troubles (over 30 years of civil war/conflict) were from America.

What has that got to do with the American government? Any guns that were sent over were no doubt from private sympathizers, ya know, Plastic Paddies who go on about the green hills of Ireland and how it should be free and yet wouldn't want to live there.

In Boston there is a large Irish/American community and during the Troubles they did raise money and support the IRA .... that doesn't mean it was America.

America has a population of over 319 million people, if you ask 100 of them what the IRA is, 99 of them will answer that it's an Individual Retirement Account ...... the other one would probably just not know.
If you say yer from Belfast they will all say , "Oh I love Ireland and the Irish" not only do they not have a clue about this tiny decrepit arsehole corner of the UK but they don't care.It doesn't effect their lives and they don't hear any news about it...... we just aren't important. 

 Two typical Americans not caring.

149 of the weapons used against the Orange Order have the US as an origin, that's 149 in over 30 odd years. Quit yer gurning that's fuck all. Other cuntries were Eastern Bloc, Germany and England with a total of 266 guns .

How many weapons came from Libya and other places that weren't used and were decommissioned?  
A spokesman for the US Consulate said they “would be pleased to meet with representatives of the Orange Order to hear their concerns firsthand”. In other words sure we'll meet cos we need something to entertain us.

If the US did arm the IRA then you'd see a load of heavy weapons, more than 149, you'd have terrorists being trained in the US by the military and you'd have advisers hiding in the ditches of Armagh showing johnny terrorist how to shoot a helicopter doon with an RPG .  

Have you not noticed the cuntries that the US did arm like Afghanistan, Israel and Iraq totally went all out in destruction while we had about 3000 killed in 3 decades.  Besides Orange Order you won and now many of yer members are in power.

The Orange Order bigots are just looking for something to complain about coming up to the marching season, also it's just sour grapes that the IRA had friends aboard and no one liked the Loyalists enough to send them guns, they had to do it the hard way and join the police or the UDR in order to get weapons ..... what no outrage at how many Loyalist guns came from military sources? Go talk to David Cameron and demand to know how Orange Order members (who happen to be in the UDA or UVF) got a hold of those guns.

42% of murdered Orange Order members were civilians, 29%  were members of the UDR (a local military regiment) and 22% were members of the RUC (the police)

Old Knudsen speaks as someone who was a member of the security forces, he is proud of his service and has nothing to be ashamed about but seriously, there were a lot of others that needed a good killing, see Willie Frazer's family for example. 
One of the main reasons the Troubles didn't go too well was the fact that the military and police were mostly biased and that came doon from the top, old Maggie Thatcher hated  the Irish (including the

Loyalists) she wanted to beat everyone and anything into submission.

We needed troops and leadership like the US had during their race wars in the deep south. 

Just like with the US invasion of Iraq the British were instrumental in making their enemy stronger and encouraging others to support them by just being there invading ..... Only yerself to blame, at the start of the Troubles most of the Fenian cocksuckers were pro UK and the IRA were irrelevant and small at the time. If you had just given them some basic human rights we wouldn't have had those Orange Order deaths and all the others.  

The Orange Order also like to point out that over 500 children were left without a parent because of these killings. If their parent is one who promotes hate and wants their child to grow up and be just like them then good, probably the best thing to happen to them.

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