Friday, 14 March 2014

The Truth About Chemtrails

You do have to wonder at the education level of some people at times.  I'm not talking about what inflated grades you may or may not have from whatever school you were forced to attend but at how educated you actually are.

To ignore the science and common sense of Chemtrails goes beyond not being educated and goes into the area of dumb as fuck.

What these people should be going on about are the chemtrails being dispersed at ground level. Have you ever noticed that on cold days when the cars are just started up there are more ground chemtrails?
This is because government ninjas round around and put chemicals in the exhausts that stay in the air for longer when it's cold ..... science bitches!

Obviously it's some form of mind control because it happens in the mornings when children are going to school.

Demand answers from yer local politicians! 

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