Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Lo Down

For those who don't know her (that's most of the world) Anna Lo is an Alliance politician in Northern Ireland. She has always been a hard working voice of reason and good sense, later in the year she is standing as a candidate in the European elections which means she can say goodbye to this lil tagnut on the arse of the UK.

Ms Lo has had to endure a lot of racism and death threats because .... well she was born in Hong Kong and has slitty eyes, the people of Northern Ireland don't like anyone who isn't them.

The Alliance party is the only thing in Northern Ireland resembling a decent political party, sure it's full of middle class people with their heads up their holes who are grasping with the 21st century idea of equality but at least they are trying, unlike the other political parties who are anti-equality.

  It is impossible for Asian chicks to be hot after the age of 30 .... that's fact!

But now, Ms Lo has gone and put her foot in it, with just a couple of remarks and has done more damage than she will ever know.

She described herself as "anti-colonial" and said the partition of Ireland was "artificial". 

Well ok lets take anti-colonial, might as well have said anti-British even if you didn't mean it, have you lost the plot? are we going for the Fenian vote or something?

Aye the Chinese have a history of being anti-colonial like during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900 . I would not be surprised if she actually hated white people as I'm sure she has great reason to and she was born in colonial Hong Kong. Old Knudsen hates white people so why not?  

The partition of Ireland was artificial, just as many places are ...... do you have a point?  Then again since humans are a part of nature and what they do is natural then no it wasn't artificial.

Shit happens and colonies become absorbed or become nations.

She then said that she would support a united Ireland, ok that's enough. Old Knudsen thought her to be an intelligent woman but it seems she must drink a lot or do the crack or something.

Firstly coming out and saying this after all this time, you might not go to the European parliament, you may be stuck here with yer colonial comments.

Only a fucking moron would support a united Ireland ..... have you ever been doon south? they eat babies cos they can't afford real food.  The Catholic church has a strong say in the politics of the cuntry which explains things like blasphemy being against the law. "Publication or utterance of blasphemous matter" don't worry too much, it only applies to Christianity so Allah, go fuck yerself in Ireland.

Ireland does not want the north, it didn't want us when Churchill offered it to them during WWII and they don't want us now ..... what is it that we make or produce that is so highly sought after? ..... inbred morons? The south has enough of it's own.

Since Northern Ireland's main employer is the government, that will put many out of work and besides, you need to be able to speak Leprechaun to have a government job like civil service or the police.

Ireland is bankrupt, they are cutting vital services and remember, they don't have free healthcare.

The north gets money from London as well as the EU, Ireland just doesn't have the cash to quell an all out civil war if there was a united Ireland ..... does Ireland even have a military for fucks sake? their police don't even have guns.

Ms Lo, you just let the side doon and I'm disappointed at yer total brain fart. As a supporter of Alliance Old Knudsen just isn't feelin it anymore.  

Here is an idea, when someone asks for yer personal opinion and yer job depends on certain things ... lie for fucks sake, yer supposed to be a politician are you not? 

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